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    Plaza Lama pricing online?

    I wanted to look for pricing at Plaza Lama for their refrigerators and washing machines (no dryer), but I can not find there pricing online... I just want to budget for now. What might be some good websites to get electrodomestico pricing? I read in other threads about LG being a good brand...
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    USAID projects in the DR

    What experiences or info does anyone have about USAID projects in the DR? Specifically around Energy, Climate Control and things like that... I am considering getting involved in some developing projects, so any insight (even opinions) would be helpful before I decide to do anything. Thanks.
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    Just noticed that I was at post 499... so this will be post 500... I wonder what is new now that I have reached the "magic" number of 500 posts....
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    Need one week rental in SD in April

    Does anyone know of a two or three bedroom house or apartment in Santo Domingo (preferably in capital) that could be rented for the week of April 13 - 20 (7 nights) for $200??? (Obviously furnished and working TV, elec,wifi...) I would pay cash in USD... Just need a one week rental.
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    Affiliate programs and DR Bank account

    Can a DR Bank account receive money from a bill processor affiliate program (web business)? I know it is easy with US Bank accounts...
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    Shipping large box from RI to SD

    I know that there are some other members who are from RI. Is there a way to do Encargo or similar shipping out of RI to Santo Domingo? (I remember someone posting pictures of large boxes that they shipped for $75 each...) Fedex is obviously to expensive an option. USPS is a little bit better in...
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    Packages at Office of Exchange???

    I tried to send a couple of small packages with clothes and other small items through the USPS to Santo Domingo. I sent them on August 28. They have not arrived yet. I asked USPS - and they said that the packages were at the Office of Exchange since September 5. What does that mean? And -...
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    Wifi in Mirador Norte, Santo Domingo

    Does anybody know of any wifi hotspots in Mirador Norte, Santo Domingo? Maybe a cafe with free wifi???
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    Why don't they take the baby father to court?

    In a different thread, bronzie pointed out an observation that many women in the DR do not take the father of the child to court for child support. I have noticed this as well, even with fathers that seem to have decent jobs. If the father is still in the neighborhood, they might give a...
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    Colegio Quisqueya in SD

    I am not in the neighborhood to check this school out, so I thought I would ask about it here to see if it is worth visiting. Does anyone have any opinions of Colegio Quisqueya in Santo Domingo (near Bella Vista and Mirador Norte) for Pre and Primary School? Has anyone's children attended?
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    The Americas Bicultural Academy (ABC School)

    What reviews or opinions do people have of The Americas Bicultural Academy (ABC School) in Santo Domingo? Particularly for Pre-School and Primary.
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    Shipping small boxes to DR

    My parents want to ship some clothes and other small items for the grandkids (my kids). It is not enough for one of those blue buckets or something like that. I do not have an account with one of those freight forwarder companies in Miami. Is it better for me to just tell them to ship it by...
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    Carol Morgan or other schools

    When I searched, there was a post that said Carol Morgan could be $20,000USD plus several thousand more for the "extras". Is it really that expensive?? Their website does not show what the tuition is. And if yes, what other schools are in the area that are more reasonably priced?
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    Apartment Hunt

    I am starting the apartment hunt again. I am primarily looking in the Santo Domingo area, but I am open to considering other areas. It is primarily for my wife and two kids, 3 and 10, so a decent school in the area would be nice. I travel back to the US for work. I am willing to look at...
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    New Labor laws for Service Lady/Domestic Help?

    There were articles in the local papers that were about the discussions of amending the labor laws for domestic help/"service lady" at a house (not hired by a business), specifically around adding them to the requirements for insurance, liquidation rights, etc. My question is: Has the labor...