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    Pedernales City and Province Photo Set

    The second photo set for our trips to Pedernales in 2007 is also complete. If you wish to get a layout of the area and see some of the pictures check the following link. Pedernales City and Province Photo Set
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    Larimar Coast Photo Set

    The first set of the photos is now finished. This group covers the Larimar Coast or what is normally considered the stretch of coastline from Barahona to Oviedo. With all the talk of builing giant hotels and things of such magnitudinal destruction I hope sincerely that this just stays in the...
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    Oviedo Lagoon - Southwest DR

    The Oviedo Lagoon is a very interesting destination for wildlife lovers and conservationists. This video shows the results of local efforts by the residents of that community in putting together a visitors package that is organized with well defined objectives. Oviedo Lagoon Video
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    Motorcyclers on the Way to Barahona on July 6

    The gang from is leaving to Barahona from San Juan on the 6th of July. We hope to tour the whole of Barahona, Independencia, Bahoruco and Pedernales with a little side trip to San Juan de la Maguana. Just letting everyone know in advance in case you might want to meet as surely...
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    Pictures from Pedernales and Lake Enriquillo

    Two more sets of pictures are already to be seen. These cover the ride around Lake Enriquillo and the road trip from Oviedo to Bahia de las Aguilas. Lake Enriquillo Photos Oviedo to Bahia de las Aguilas
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    Getting back from Barahona

    Hello folks... Got back from our 9 day trip to Barahona a few days ago and will soon be posting some photos of the trip. Our biker group will be arriving in Dominicana on June 2 and we'll be there until the 12 of this month. Had a great time as always
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    Problem in Paradise??

    Anyone know what is going on with this ship that has run aground off the shore of Isla Beata??? Does anyone know if any environmental cleanup efforts are in force. Last I heard a couple of days ago is that the ship has developed large bulkhead cracks and there are several thousand gallons of...
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    Jarabacoa Video

    Last June (2006) our biker group took a day tour of Jarabacoa and we put together a small video based on our still photos. In this presentation we see the Jimenoa River, La Cortina, Jimenoa falls, Vistas del Yaque, Hotel Gran Jimenoa and the town of Jarabacoa ;) Motorcycler Videos - Jarabacoa...
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    Jarabacoa Video

    Larimar Mines Can anyone tell me how to get to the Larimar Mines in Barahona?
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    Barahona, Pedernales & Independencia Videos

    On June 2006 we took some time to ride with our motorcycles to the Southwest Coast of the DR and came up with some videos based on our still photos. These videos are basically from a biker point of view but still show the sights and quite a bit of action fron the BikersPR group. :pirate...