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    Las Terrenas School

    Just recently I stumbled across a fine project which helps children of poor families to get a proper education. For those who visit Las Terrenas it may be a very good opportunity to see what can be done... Los Ni?os de Leonardo y Meredith For those who can only pay a virtual visit: YouTube -...
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    Where can I buy...

    ... a new Korean made FTA satellite receiver (not a Chinese clone) Viewsat Ultra 2000 locally? m'frog
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    Beer Less Expensive

    The brewery 'Cervecer?a Nacional Dominicana' (Presidente, Presidente Light, Bohemia and The One) announced a price reduction of RD$5.00 per bottle from today. El Nuevo Diario m'frog
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    An American child (5) is reported to have drowned at a Puerto Plata hotel. Very sad. I can't really understand, why such accidents should happen in a hotel pool? El Nuevo Diario m'frog
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    Which Inverter Batteries?

    Our two Trace-DR3624 inverters team up with 16 batteries. The first set of batteries ("Trace T-115") lasted five years and four months (!). Then I found out that Trace does not make batteries and thought I should buy 'better' ones and subsequently bought 'Trojan-T105', the famous and...
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    Private Beach in LT?

    Le site de Las Terrenas, , l'information au quotidien, les news ... Unfortunately my French is lousy... m'frog
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    Exodus in Cabarete?

    Will RE prices drop now? Aren't these people grossly exaggerating? DR1 readers should know better... m'frog
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    German Butcher's in Las Terrenas

    Finally it became true: A German butcher's opened last Friday (on main street across the 'barco'-building). The shop looks like any butcher's in Germany, spotlessly clean and hygienic. A wide selection of German sausages, German style meat cuts (Schnitzel, Rouladen, Fleischspiesse...
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    We'd appreciate a recommendation for a good 'otorrinolaring?logo' (ear, nose and throat specialist) for children. m'frog
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    91.1 and 101.1 MHz

    According to radio news there was an attack on a Sos?a (?) tourist project by masked men today. Any further info? m'frog
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    Did People Really Believe That?

    Today DR1 reported Dominican Republic News & Travel Information Service what El Nuevo Diario reported yesterday. But the article only gave a percentage drop (33%) in homicides, no case numbers were given. The actual figures seem to be surprisingly different...
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    Canadian Drowned

    According to midday radio news (101.1 MHz) a Canadian has drowned in Playa Grande, Luper?n. He and his wife were staying at a hotel there. My sincere condolences. m'frog
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    Rain, Rain and More Rain

    Croooooooooaaaaaaaaaak, this is great weather. For amphibians, that is. ;) m'frog
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    Felt It?

    Frog shook. 21: 24 hrs m'frog
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    Saco de Panti

    'Sanky Panky' has become a much used term and is often said to have come from 'hanky panky'. I don't think so because it seems to be a term coined by locals who were very unlikely confronted with the mentioned English expression. Today I heard a different explanation which I like. Early gringo...