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    Port-au-Prince Makes It to Most Dangerous Cities in Latin America List

    Santo Domingo got skipped?
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    The Empire Strikes Back!!

    Dominican Republic re Haiti.. one the most racist (not that dominicans care a hoot) countries on the planet…right next to Germany of the 30s.
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    Tourism June 21, 2022 | 4:39 pm Punta Cana, among the most searched destinations through Expedia this summer

    Except for the invasion of rotting stinking sargassum. It is awful right now! Feel for all the unsuspecting who are arriving now.
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    More Dead Americans

    I just checked my profile. Indeed it shows Santa Clarita CA…I have no clue as to why that is there as I have never heard of it. I do not know how to fix I have stated I am from Manhattan..born in Brooklyn, New York. A proud very Non-Woke New Yorker. Got that? We New Yorkers speak...
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    More Dead Americans

    Not in My profile. What are you going on about.? I have never heard of Santa Clarita and the only one making racist comments is you and your characterizations. Only a Woke would make that kind of comment and that is Not me. You are allowed to think what you wish…it is called denial of...
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    More Dead Americans

    Never heard of Santa Clarita, California…incorrect.
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    More Dead Americans

    But u r old white men…in denial. No race baiting implied…just the facts bro. BTW I am the opposite of woke.
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    More Dead Americans

    Your reply speaks “volumes”.
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    More Dead Americans

    Yup. You old expat white boys love the idea of the submissives that is most likely the only reason this type arrives on our shores. To continue your macho ways.
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    Hotels & Resorts Limiting Reservations Made By Dominicans Due To Bad Behavior

    Yeah haha they are probably Dominicans…
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    DR authorized to export beef again to US markets

    Remember the famous (and not too good) brangus they tried to push? Owner of Nacional had rather large investment
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    DR authorized to export beef again to US markets

    Actually as we all agree…the dominican meat? for dog food.,as someone else here mentioned.
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    DR authorized to export beef again to US markets

    Good deal? Take your heart in your hand…eating Any kind of dominican meat…si?
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    Bon is celebrating its 50th anniversary

    Think we stick to Haagen Dazs
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    No surprise here..

    I believe the point of the Forbes recognition (Four Seasons hotels) is that Four Seasons hotels are a brand of excellence that so far continues to reign. You pay and you receive what you expect…perfection.