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    Immigration Lawyer

    Thank you
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    Immigration Lawyer

    Wife and I currently live in Dallas, Texas. She (from Nagua) wants to move back home. I said lets do it. So we are looking at a 2-3 year plan to move to the DR. She has her USA citizenship been married almost 10 years. I need to get my residence moving forward. Any recommendation on a honest...
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    Honest Quality Resort/Condo Punta Cana

    This is what I am trying to avoid.
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    Honest Quality Resort/Condo Punta Cana

    Huh? SMH not everybody is having teenage parties. Shrimp on the BBQ and Presidente/Tequila shots and some bachata. No teenagers in our family.
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    Honest Quality Resort/Condo Punta Cana

    We found a place. Awesome reviews and affordable. Booked it and cannot wait to be there.
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    Carnaval Best City to Go to

    February is Carnaval time in the DR. Asking this group what is the best city to visit to enjoy the carnival ?
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    Honest Quality Resort/Condo Punta Cana

    Looking for a condo that works close to the beach. Every review I read says nothing works. I understand it is the DR. I have 7 people for 4 nights 5 days and am not looking for surprise charges at check out. Figure $1700-$2200 should give us something that works. Plus will have pregnant sister...
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    Places to stay in Samana

    Drone videos very well done. I am in Dallas Texas wife and I. Our family lives in Nagua and we generally stay in town there. Or Puerta Plata. Just found out American Airlines flies to El Catey. 6 adults and 1 child of 6 years old. Can we pay upon arrival? Our arrival at this moment looks to be...
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    Boca Chica Hotels

    I have been to the DR more than 50 times and am looking to go back since the lockdowns and COVID BS is over with. Last time I was in Boca Chica was in 2016 before that have been there multiple times. Seems many of the hotels have changed their names. Wife and I (she is from Nagua) are flying in...
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    All Covid restrictions are suspended effective now

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    Taxi Rates SDQ to Nagua?

    iWill be 4 years since we last visited Wifes hometown of Nagua. Any idea of taxi rates from Los Americas to Nagua?
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    River Adventure for 7

    Wife and I are again going to the DR Puerta Plata we are bringing a friend. I am a beach rat but we have decided to do something different for at least 1 day. Is there any river park where we can hangout on the river and be able to have food and beers :classic: served to us? Last time I was in...
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    Natural Fruit Drinks (alcohol) Puerta Plata

    Just booked trip to Puerta Plata. 6 of us are going and in Caberete couple years ago we came upon a gem of a beach bar that made everything natural with Pina Coladas and so on. Not the crappy bottled mixers. So we are looking for such a place close to our hotel. "Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort...
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    Carnaval La Vega

    Last time I visited this carnaval in La Vega it was 2012 February I was single. Met my wife in Nagua 2 months later in Nagua. Well want to go back in 2019 to this carnaval. Any tips on where to stay? La Vega hotels will probably be packed so Santiago seems to be the place to stay. Was going to...
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    Vistors Visa

    My mother in law has a 10 year visa to visit the USA. Question is can she stay with us for 4 months or is there a limit?