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    Looking for Gym

    In Santo Domingo next to or near Barcelo Lina hotel. I know about the Fitness Factory but it is closed on sundays. Even a hole in the wall gym is cool as long as it is somewhat nice.
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    Gym/Fitness Center Near Consulate

    Any gym near consulate in SD?
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    Anybody else order Mayweather/Canelo Fight?

    The 1st fight was pretty good. This 2nd fight is boring.
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    Your Opinion

    Long story short I have a girl that I dated that has been fawking with me to pay her child support. 8 days after I met her she was telling me she was pregnant and as gullible as I am I started sending her money. But then I started to think. Here is a pic of her belly. How far along do ya'll...
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    Santo Domingo Advice

    I do not like to go to the capitol but looks like I may have to go. It is either Boca Chica, Colonial Zone or Santo Domingo. Are there any discos near the colonial zone? Also is there one near the Dominican Fiesta hotel in Santo Domingo? Thanks.
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    Boca Chica Tattoo Parlor

    Any members here seen or been to a Tattoo parlor in Boca Chica? If so was it sterile? Clean?
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    Dominican Feast Dallas

    My wife asked me why there are no Dominicans in Dallas, and I told her they would burn up. :cheeky: Too hot. I have met 3 dominicans that live in Texas and they told me they love it here. So maybe the word needs to be spread that all Dominicans do not just have to migrate to New York or Florida...
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    Tatto Artist in Santo Domingo?

    Any good (Sterile) experiences? Wife and I just got back from Punta Cana and we declined to get her a tattoo there. Many red flags with health violations. I heard of a guy named "Popeye" in the colonial zone that he was clean and good work. Help please.
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    USA/DR Tattoo

    A little over the top? [/URL][/IMG]
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    Off Topic

    Why is it that I cannot access off topic? A mod moved my thread there and I do not have access. :confused:
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    New Tattoo

    I got mine 2 weeks ago and the wife (Dominicana) is getting hers. Hers will be exactly as mine is just the country USA. She cannot wait. I told her it does not hurt. :laugh:"][/URL]
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    Colonial Zone

    I am coming to SD in September and am looking for a hotel in colonial zone. Must have swimming pool. Any recommendations?
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    Santo Domingo/Punta Cana Bus

    From what I am hearing Caribe tours does not have bus transportation to Punta Cana from SD. Anybody know of other transportation?
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    Tattoo Recommendation in Punta Cana

    Can anyone recommend a sterile facility in Punta Cana. I have found a place in centro Punta Cana but am wondering if anybody has any info.?
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    1st Time to Punta Cana

    Just got back from Nagua last tuesday night and just booked flight/Hotel in Punta Cana. I have been all over this island for many years but have avoided PUJ because it is heavy tourist area. (I do not like all inclusives and the big resorts over priced and crappy food/service) Any advice any...