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    Flying home from the DR to Canada and using the land border option first hand experience

    How did he go around the law? Which law did he break?
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    Best places to stay in Puerta Plata.

    They don't publish their rates on their website. I just e'd them to see how much. Is it an AI or just a hotel? I couldn't tell that either from their website.
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    Fire destroys Aro y Pedal bicycle store

    Social media reported how many of the neighbors helped remove the bicycles in time so these would not be consumed by the fire. That's impressive. I salute those great neighbors!!!
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    Los Angeles Angels put an end to Pujols-era in LA

    I watched him in St. Louis many times. Great player and great guy. I hated it when he signed with the Angels but with 20-20 hindsight, it was good for the Cardinals. Still wish him the best and hope he goes out with all the dignity he deserves.
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    Former Youth Minister sentenced to 15 years for rape

    He used a date rape drug. There is no excuse ever for crap like that.
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    Country asked to vote for new country brand

    My vote doesn't count but I vote B. A looks like something a 1st grader would do.
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    Best places to stay in Puerta Plata.

    JD, I've lost track, which hotel are you talking about?
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    Ronald Lauder of Jewish World Congress recognizes DR receiving Jewish refugees

    Do we know what excuse the US gave for that?
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    Details shared in court on how corruption is rampant in the military and police

    I have seen them roust shoe shine boys in the zona colonial. I've also seen them stop cars going 4kmph. And one in Boca Chica told me to put a mask on last October.
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Yes, I understand. I'm an old white male but I identify as a kitchen appliance. I'm transblender.
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Don't agree Windy. I would probably be classified by others as an anti-vaxer, which I'm not. I just don't want to be forced into taking it. If you want to take it, that is your decision and not mine.
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    New entry procedures

    I would have held out for a gold star. But that's just me.
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    Fraud revealed at the National Lottery

    Lotteries are for the mathematically impaired.
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    Best places to stay in Puerta Plata.

    Hi. I'm looking for some recommendations on where to stay in PP. It can be an AI or just a hotel. I've been to Punta Cana enough to want to see other spots. It will be for 3 or 4 adults, me being the only non-Haitian. I have been twice, but not in 15 years, so those experiences don't...
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    The Other Haiti

    Thanks for posting, NALS. It looks to be interesting.