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    question of employee's work hours?

    I have an employee his salary is 10,000 pesos per month he work's mon-fri from 9am to 5pm and on saturday 9-2pm. iwould like to change the hours from 9am-6pm mon-fri do i have my legal right to do this without getting into any trouble with the labor board. and please dont say just give him more...
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    1965 revolution my cusin american died in action?

    Hi everyone on board if anyone can help me i would apreciate this. i am having conflicting reports about a cusin of mine that was a soilder in the marines in 1965 every family member of mine was under the impression that he was killed in action here in the i thought but a old aunt of mine...
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    Directv Legal Finally.

    That's right finally directv legaly in the dr. man i am so dam happy i get to watch my yankees without having to worry that i will get zapped.i have been living here in the dr for about ten yrs and the one thing that was missing to complete my happyness was this...
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    my us passport expired.

    my us passport expired i went to the us embassy paid the fee to get a new passport filled out all the legal papers handed my old expired passport and was told that i would recieve my new passport in about 15 days well all went right reicived my new passport in exactly 15 days but the problem is...
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    looking for best chinese restaurant in santo domingo?

    i love to eat fine foods and i have everthing just about coverd know i am looking for good chinese food can anyone help.:chinese::chinese:
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    question of getting married here in the d.r.?

    I have been seperated from my ex wife for 7 years she is american so am i. i have been living in the d.r for all 7 years i have a new family 2 kids and a wife to be . my question is if i choose to marry my present girlfreind the mother of my kids which i have been living with the last 7 years...
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    dishnetwork question?

    do i get the yankee games and if so what channel? american idol what channel is the fox network? thank you if anyone can help.
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    selling on ebay from the d.r.?

    is it worth it? is there anyone out there doing it from the d.r? the reason why i ask is that i come across a lot of closeouts on garments. please any info would help.