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    Sosua Landfill Issues

    No - It does not make economic sense at all - in North America recycling runs about 2 to 3 times the cost of landfilling - I can't imagine it being less in the DR- there is hardly any market for the plastics - probably less so in the DR - people in North America think that recycling makes money...
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    Ivermectin - The cure we are looking for? Used here in the DR in a limited capacity.

    There is definitely some encouraging research but two things - this is a fairly serious liver toxin ( so is rum) - the recovery rate without treatment is 95% plus - so your playing in the statistical weeds - all that being said - I would prolly put this regimen in my medicine cabinet if I lived...
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    New Traffic Regs.

    Protect pedestrians?! Look here if you think it is anything but every man(woman) for themselves when you step off the curb - you are dangerously deluding yourself
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    Is POP airport closed right now?

    My flight from Toronto is not boarding because of flooding at POP
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    When is the Check Point Baseball Trip

    Does anyone know if this little day excursion has been planned? if so when? I am heading down an would hate to miss it by a day or two
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    Important Sosua Question

    When is the CP baseball trip?
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    Sosua to Samana

    Does anyone have any recommendations how to get from Sosua to teh Samana airport?
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    Is Marijuana Illegal?

    Just curious. I don't seem to see much open use of it - I have been offered (and declined) - but is it actually illegal - the laws are all over amongst most latin american countries
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    Cheap Flights from New York

    Last year some of the local expats were complaining about an influx of guys coming to Sosua on Thursdays and leaving on Sundays - this was because there were cheap flights out of New York - I dont live in New York but I am having a hard time booking from Toronto on a Thursday to Sunday frame -...
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    New Member - Norberto61 - sending PM's

    Hello folks - I'm a frequent visitor to the north coast - I figured I should join - I will be down from Canada in July iflicting my Spanish on the natives - I dont know if I had to post something before I can PM - but I don't seem to be able to do that - any insight on that would be useful