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    US Fed hikes to affect DR

    i got 54.90 today
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    Rio San Juan or Cabrera - any stay at the old castle ( El Castillo Tropical)

    you always say the right things i enjoy your talk
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    New price hike on electricity

    my bill stayed the same 8.44 per kwh no increase pop electric co
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    Opinions, please.

    hankook and toyo i used them on my semi truck in the usa and wear pattern is just as good as the high priced michelen and bfg so in my thought they are good
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    Where to go for good cigar factory visit?

    arturo fuente factory
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    Where to go for good cigar factory visit?

    santiago factory tour no hype good tour been couple times with my friends
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    Hotels & Resorts Limiting Reservations Made By Dominicans Due To Bad Behavior

    helmet matricula plate visible insurance or posible impound
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    Blackstone griddle or something similar

    china store in puerto plata has some tabletop grills for 650 pesos on up
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    US Consulate Office in POP has moved

    thats easier to get to than the one in town
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    Shock - Required Return Ticket if no residency

    well you must be friggen stupid ass people if you go to a country you find all of the regs before you go dumb travelers i hope they fine you and send you back to where you came from must be lowlife poor broke ass travelers
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    Cola Wood

    its like iron wood
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    plz help me understand my dominican gf

    women here in the dominican are CRAZY let them be
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    Ministry of Education launches English as a second language program in public schools

    its all the person learning i know many dominican speak perfect english after they went to school then i know more that went to school to learn and cant speak 3 months after they spent 2 years learning if you want to learn you will if not oh well
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    Avoiding the overstay fee.

    16000 not much how long your sorry ass been here you had 1 .5 years to leave before 16000 fine i was here 21 months and 8000 was it and then back
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    Cruise ships bring 11,700 tourists to Puerto Plata in two days

    thats just crazy to think that the ministry wants the local people to think wow many tourists but as a fact only about 20 percent of the passangers ever get off the ship they count all the employes and all the passangers in that count so good luck people beliving all the tourists arriving and...