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    Selling car but dont have matricula

    Im selling my car but dont have the matricula. What do i have to do to obtain one? and is this something the buyer can do? i bought the car six years ago from a feria and was only given a sales receipt and a temp. matricula. the dealer that sold me the car no longer exists...
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    Moving company DR to Florida?

    Could someone recommend a company theyve used to move from the DR to the U.S.? The time has finally come to get the process started for our big move to the Florida.. I initially felt I would be able to sell all my possesions and then move but after much thought ive come to the conclusion...
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    Thief tried to steal my water pump with no tools!

    So this morning im in bed and I hear what sounds like someone hammering on some concrete. I dismiss it and fall back asleep. A couple hours later I jump out of bed and go to get in the shower, no water. No problem I thought, the automatic switch on the pump must be actin up again so I go to...
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    What does legalizar a birth certificate mean?

    Ive got my sons birth certificate and was checking things off my list for my appointment at the consulate but I noticed it says the birthcertificate should be legalized and in long form. Could someone please tell me what that means and where i would have to go to legalize the birth certificate...
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    Orange 3G frequencies

    Does anyone know the frequencies that work with orange 3G? Have been trying to get faster speeds than Edge on my Moto Atrix2 and just cant figure out why its not working. Another question I have is, is Orange Paquetico, 3G capable or is that service stuck at Edge speeds?
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    ClearEyes eye drops in S.D.

    Has anyone seen Clear Eyes eye drops in S.D.? Been looking all over S.D. and have not come across any decent eye drops. I spend way too many hours staring at a monitor and my eyes get dry and red as can be. Getting tired of people asking me if im high. lol
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    Problems renewing my U.S. passport in S.D.

    I need to renew my passport at the U.S. consulate and ive read that they require a second form of picture id (seperate from my old passport) to complete the renewal. Since ive been in the country for so long, I have no other form of ID other than my old expired passport, birth certificate and SS...
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    Carls Jr, thoroughly impressed!

    I finally got a chance to try out Carl Jrs in Agora Mall. Wow, is all I can say. Completely impressed with the quality of products they use, especially the hamburgers and fries. I can say without the slightest doubt that last night I had one of the best hamburgers of my life. I had the...
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    Do sock puppets really exist?

    I mean, do some people go out of their way to create an extra account and then just act like an a$$hole with said account to rile up other posters??? Just seems so far fetched for me that someone would waste their time on a message board trying to "trick" people into believing their someone...
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    Storm hasn't arrived and already sin luz

    Any one else reading dr1 in the dark?
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    Fireworks show in SD?

    Does anyone know if there are going to be any firework shows tomorrow by any chance. I know the embassy usually does a little show but dont know what time. One of the days I most miss from back home. The smell of gun powder and BBQ'd hot dogs! Burnt fingers too! lol
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    Post count War!

    Ok, either someone has stolen posts from my post count or there is some funny business going on with the post counts on this board. :P How is it that ive been a member since 2003 and have less than 400 posts while someone with less than 5 yrs as a member has 10,000+ posts? This all leads me...
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    What is the name of this hotel in cabarete?

    What is the name of the hotel next door to the cemetary in cabarete (right next to it - directly to the west of it)? Stayed there about 6 years back and was wondering if it was still around.
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    Still possible to bring TVs with you on flights?

    I havent flown in many years and was wondering if its still possible to bring a TV (32" more or less) with you on a flight without being charged an arm and a leg? Would I have to find a way to squeeze it into a piece of luggage or would I just lug the box in?
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    Easter Egg coloring kits in S.D.?

    I know its a long shot but has anyone seen coloring kits for easter eggs?