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    Please verify,,,Still the best route SD to Samana?

    This once was [choose one] best/fastest/easiest way to go...but is it still the best way to go till the new hywy is up and running?
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    Free Show This Monday Feb 20th, at 8PM at Rocky's Bar in Sosua

    There will be a free one man show this Monday in Sosua. All world budget travelers, expats and north coast regulars are all invited to attend. Oldhippy, a former world budget traveler, adventurer, and entrpreneuer shares his tales from the road and from his life. Raised on the West Coast of...
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    Has anyone heard anything about the Villa Suissa hotel in Sabana de la Mar?

    I once fell upon this "old before its time" Samana bay resort that was nothing but just totally funky! ie. I arrive to find a cow grazing on their grass tennis court...they say they have hot and cold water...but porters would have to bring in your hot water for your bath, because the plumbing...
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    who knows: Aerolineas Santo Domingo ?

    American Eagle is farming out/ transfering over flights from SJU to the DR on them. What do you know of this airline and of this arrangement? Thanks in advance!
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    Internal DR scheduled flight info. needed...Is there anything SDQ to POP?

    Here are the only 2 airlines that I know of, currently operating internally in the DR with any kind of schedule...listed below. I would like to know what is currently available between POP & SDQ or even POP and Herrera...or any two points in the DR...because rumors are only what I've found...
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    Any chance for catching a Dominican baseball game in March or April?

    When does the next season start up after the Feb WS?
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    who is flying domesticly these day within the DR?

    This was the last known company...but no mas!: So who do you call know????????/ There web site is now totally non op. so who still flies between Samana and SD...or PC and SD or POP and SD or between any 2 points within the DR? Just Why can't the DR keep...
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    The Santo Domingo cruise ship dock is on what side of the river?

    Ships dock at: The Columbus lighthouse side or Zona Colonial side of the river?
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    What is the current staus on BWIA to DR?

    Have they put off adding the DR to their schedule?
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    Who knows Sabana de la Mar?

    Years a go, I came across, what was once a 3-4 star hotel there...that had a sense of style...even had a pool, and a cow on its tennis court...[it was a grass court!] It had fallen into heavy disrepair, and hot water was brought to your chamber by their plumbing was muy malo! It...
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    Know of a program for living with locals?

    Someone asked me... how you'd go about getting immersed in the Dominican culture, and to learn the language, by living with a local Dominican family? Know of anything like this?...or what would you recommend to this person, who has experience as an agricultural consultant, who is willing to...
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    Do you still need to pay local cops off with bribes to drive in the DR?

    Having read many posts herein, I've found a few of you expats are adamant about..."do not rent cars in the DR...take the bus", and others are OK with renting. Please address the current attitude or issues to watch out for on renting and driving in the DR, that would make you say don't do it...
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    Habla Espanol? Uno momento por favor!

    This advertisement/poster is in Spanish only, but has important info. Can you tell me the name of this company and where exactly you meet this bus in Bavaro? ...or if you have the time...just the top part translated... line by line. que es la parada??? Muchas Gracias...
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    What bus company makes the Santo Domingo-Punta Cana run? AlsoNeed Metro bus web site?

    Thank you in advance for any info. or links to info. on express bus service for the south shore to Higuey and beyond.
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    Wow! Just checked rates-USA3000-$199 R/T Newark-SDQ !

    Starts 12/12 ..Goes on Tues. and Thurs. $99 each way!