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    I'm not sure if this is the right thread. I just found out that the fine for cell phones, seat belts, red lights and I think helmets is now $5000 DR. I know because my friend just got one in POP. No seat belt. Just letting people know. I never heard about the change. Keep Safe.
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    Meet and Greet Sosusa

    Would anyone on DR1 want to meet and match a face to a name. I know from what has be written here some don't want to come face to face. I'll be back 3/8, so where can we meet. I don't know where you live. I don't like to be out late driving. Lets pick a place. Rocky's is ok, but not for most...
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    Great New Rest. in Sosua and Caberete

    I hear about the hookers, but can we please talk about the good or great Rest.? People need and like to eat, in nice places. I have tried some mentioned. Some I liked, some so so. I know there are some here who can give some insite. I would like to be able to recomend Rest. to friends who come...
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    You can't make this up

    With all the rain, my phone has been out. I called Claro on my cell 2x. OK we'll fix it. Worked Sat., not Sun. Got a call today. This is Claro. Does your phone work? Thank you for asking and since I'm talking to you it works great. At least they asked. I love this place.
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    I like Sousa Bay. I'ts great for kids. We live on the NC. Atlantic Ocean. We have rip tides. I am Ocean City. Md. We're on the Atlantic. I tell, if I'm asked , where are you from. Sousa Bay is like a lake. The Ocean is not the same. when I hear "I wouldn't go there the surf is too ruff". Really...
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    New old resturant in Caberete

    There are new owners at Roma's. in Caberete. Across from Ocean Dream at the traffic light. It's still a the same typy os rest., but the food is great , the prices are reasonable. I just ate there with a friend and we were surprised at how good thing were. Our whole dinner , app., 2 dinners, 3...
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    One of the best Steaks we've had

    There is a new Rest., not new, but under new owernship in Caberate. Pelican Beach. It's next to Ocean1. We've been there 2 times and the steaks were outstanding both times. One of the best we have had in the DR. It's not cheap. We spent about $1400Dr for dinner with 2 drinks but it was well...
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    New Res. Question.

    We just got our Per. Res. Card about 4-6 month ago. We want to bring a car in. We want to buy a car in the US and hold it for 2 years before shipping it here. What we don't know is how long we are concidered new res. Do we only have 1 year, 2years or are we good for 3-4 years if we haven't...
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    Dream Project Cabarete

    I've understand there have been major change at Dream Project. Can anyone tell me whats going on.
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    Gov.putting people out in the cold.

    It seems the Gov. is putting familys out of the homes and tearing them down in La Loma, small village next to Caberete. They tell the people they are living on Gov. land and sent the Army in to remove them and tear down the houses. It's sad. These people don't have much to begin with, now they...
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    Sosua Biometric Cedula

    You can get the new cedula in Sosua. The office is behind the Gov. building. Took about 10-15 min. No cost for renual, if it is current. We were told after 1/1, there is a $500rd late fee. They give you your old cedula back with a printout of the new one. You pick up the new card at the office...
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    Biometric Data

    I read where we have to have biometric data registered for Banks. We live here and have a bank ac. How does this work and how are we to have this done by 1/1/09. Can someone tell us what's going on. Thanks.
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    New Book Exchange in Caberete

    I just found a new book exchange in Caberete. It's in the City of York Bistro in Ocean Dream Plaza. I traded for 2 books. Right now it's mostly paperbacks, but what the heck. I was told their hooking up wifi and make it more of a book store and rest. We ate lunch there and thought it was better...
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    Blood type

    With the problem of getting a blood match in the DR. I seem to remember members trying to set up a group listing blood types. I think this was a data base in case of injury. Was it ever done? If so what is involved?
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    Does Condo Ins. pay?

    Our Condo Admin. Wants us to buy Insurance. Replacement cost, but will pay for all other major repairs. We have read here that it's available and a lot of Condo Asso. have it. Our question is does it ever pay out or is this another scam? Example, Are they settlement cracks or caused by earth...