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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    For the 'vaccine hesitant' folks on here, swollen testicles (blue balls?) are not a side effect of the vaccines - if that's the case might want to get an STD test instead. Trinidad health minister is furious he had to waste time fact-checking Nicki Minaj's swollen testicles tweet Roughly 30...
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    Coronavirus Covid-19 Bulletin #546/ 15 September 2021

    To no one's surprise, Delta is now officially here - from the report:
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Indeed - they have a couple of mRNA projects going. China’s Sinopharm seeks to develop its own mRNA Covid vaccine
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Vaccines are highly unlikely to cause side effects long after getting the shot - Science shows that even the most serious side effects for any vaccine, including COVID-19, occur within just a few weeks. While some worry about highly unlike hypothetical long-term side-effects, others worry about...
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    From the linked article: So, at a time when there were no other vaccines available the "placebo-like Sinovac" saved lives and helped prevent the spread - albeit not as efficiently as the Western vaccines. Which is irrelevant as they weren't available - however, it makes sense to switch to the...
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Horse dewormer is for wimps - what you really want is Brazilian viper venom for all of your Covid needs. Covid breakthrough as deadly Brazilian snake venom 75% effective in stopping virus
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    Do you think the heavy handed moderation on this board and particulary this North Coast section is stifiling participation?

    There's nothing "invalid" about his post as he clearly said he prefers to treat everyone with respect regardless of wallet size - you are the one seemingly suggesting a caste system where you grovel at these people's posts in order to get fringe benefits such as parties. Transactional posting if...
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    Altice Satellite Internet & TV

    I second the Claro recommendation - they are offering up to 300mbps through fiber optic in Sto Domingo, not sure what they offer in PC/Bavaro. I recently went from their old max, 100/40mbps to 200 down/50 up, blazing fast & works perfectly with the TP-Link mesh system I have. Great signal...
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    Haiti turns down Dominican donation of 100,000 vaccines

    You can input any number of countries and parameters into the graph - for instance, I've isolated Canada, the US, and the DR in this one: US/DR/Canada's vaccination rate. As for the DR, as already mentioned, there's a surplus of vaccines due to the urgency of securing lots ASAP, which in turn...
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    Haiti turns down Dominican donation of 100,000 vaccines

    Can't say that I blame them - clearly, they are in a great position to reject life-saving vaccines for the greater goal of dissing the Dominican Rep. To wit - as of Sept 7th. NB: total number of people with full protocol/total number of people in each country. Counts segments of the...
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    The excess vaccine stock dilemma

    Good question - don't think that particular sequence is on order & I'd imagine you'd need the full two Pfizer doses, not just the one. Won't hurt to ask, they want needles in arms and have plenty of Pfizer in stock. Plus someone here already got 4 shots. Should be doable.
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    Research/Comments needed on ANTI-SARS COV 2S ANTIBODIES from Sinovac Vaccine.

    Doubt it's an issue even now - poster @Kipling333 reported getting a second Pfizer shot after saying he needed it in order to travel to an EU country that didn't recognize Sinovac. Also, the DR wouldn't be the first country to offer a fourth shot, Turkey is already doing it for the same reason...
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Despite the disinformation prevalent in the anti-vaxx camp, vaccines are working well in preventing ICU stays and deaths:
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    The faulty premise is accepting that people that refuse to get vaccinated are "more educated" than those who chose to get their vaccines - clearly, it isn't so. And the racist part is your conclusion comparing people who get their shots with African tribes trading for trinkets or not knowing how...