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    My friend has a healthy 3 month old mixed boy to place or have adopted

    Baby resulted from a ''gang violation''. The baby is DR+Haiti. Not registered ! People have come forward but want massive money to take the baby. I presume this a Dominican scam!
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    Is there a Doctor or Homeopath on kidney stones on the North Coast?

    I have a friend in serious need.
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    Does any company rent short term, furniture on the North Coast?

    Need for 2 months.
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    Pit across from the Shark Bar----seems to be a mosquito breeding ground

    I lived near the pit for 3 years. Always, there was a mosquito problem. For the common good, the mayor needs to investigate.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: Also, the fence is falling apart creating a safety hazard !:mad
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    The Ruta between Puerto Plata and Navarette is a ''National Disgrace'' !

    Thousands of potholes, no center or side lines, no truck lanes, lack of danger signs. etc.:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin:disappoin I seems to me that with thousands of men unemployed and cheap materials, these deplorable conditions could be corrected !!!!!!!!!
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    Pleyero charges the 16% tax

    Frankly, I was very surprised. Guess I'll try to AVOID and find other sources , when possible!
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    Mayweather / Cotto fight Saturday

    I discovered that I can see the Mayweather / Cotto fight at Rocky's, 9pm, in English on pay-per-view.:glasses:
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    I predict that not one moto-concho cowboy will be arrested !

    ''COE unveil Easter Week safety plans The Emergency Operations Center (COE) announced their "Holy Week Operational Plan: For your security and values 2012" yesterday, Monday, 2 April and it is a massive effort. According to COE director General Juan Manuel Mendez, some 35,000 people will be...
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    Is there a school holiday in Feb.?

    If so, the dates please.
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    Poli-Pussies patroling the street between Rocky's and Terre Linda

    A very positive development! I feel much safer!
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    Prostate doctor

    Could someone reco an expert on the North Coast?
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    What are the exact days of school vacation?

    For the Christmas holidays?
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    Pollo Carbon(Kosher). On Ruta, near the ferriteria.

    The worst Chicken Shack of my experience = cold, tough, malo seasoning, and few veggies). And they charge 175 pesos versus most others that charge 125 pesos, AVOID
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    Passport must be in ''PRISTINE CONDITION'' to travel from MSP--MIA POP on AA!

    Is this peculliar to MSP? Or does each airport, airline, and TSA make their on rules? -----------AA attempted to re:deviousfuse my travel because a couple pages of pages of my passport were slightly folded(by 1/8''). The penalty was to refuse flight until I acquired a new passport. This was...