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    Medical Insurance

    Who would I be buying this insurance through? What website would I be looking for? Thank you.
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    Medical Insurance

    Hi! Can a tourist purchase medical insurance in the DR? I don't believe there is covid related coverage for travelers from Canada. I'm curious as to what others are doing while travelling within the country, and perhaps there is something available that I am unaware of? Thank you
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    I had a flight scheduled for July but it was cancelled. I have rescheduled a flight for August 8th from Toronto with Westjet. Fingers crossed..
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    I was scheduled to fly into POP with Westjet on July 7th. The flight was confirmed up until last Sunday, when it was stated that the flight was cancelled until the beginning of August. Unfortunately, at this time, a flight confirmation really doesn't mean anything until your butt is actually...
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    Non Alcoholic Beer

    Thanks everyone, I have since found several NA types of beer in Puerto Plata.
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    Some Kind of Special Idiot

    There are so many terrible derogatory words used in these comments. I actually can't even believe this is a thread.
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Is there a date in place for an announcement regarding opening borders and airports?
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Hola, Does anyone know when they will actually announce when borders will be open and flights will commence?
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    Dominicans Travelling Abroad

    Hello, Does anyone know what countries in the Caribbean a Dominican citizen can travel to without a visa?
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    Duty Free

    Hi again, Is there a duty free where one can buy cigarettes when exiting the airport in Puerto Plata? Thanks again!
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    Non Alcoholic Beer

    Hello! Does anyone know if I can purchase non alcoholic beer in Puerto Plata, and if so, where? Thanks, Patti.
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    Construction In The Colonial Zone

    Hello, I have been informed that there is quite a bit of construction in the Colonial Zone. Is it quite an eyesore? Also does it make it hard to get around on foot? I will be visiting next week and I am so looking forward to returning to the beautiful DR.