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    Monthly pension fund requirement for residency renewal

    Thanks for all your updates. Does the Punta Cana/Bavaro migracion office do renewals? The online application lists "Bavaro" as a renewal location. Is it so? Regards, PJT
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    Monthly pension fund requirement for residency renewal

    There is a migración requirement to have prove one has corresponding pension or income monthly in the RD. for permanent residency renewal. This poster is into his 20th yr of residency up for renewal and has his pension and SS income deposited in a US bank for autopayment for all services and...
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    Medical exam for residency renewal

    Another question. The migracion online application offers a processing site at Bavaro. However, it does not state where in Bavaro. Does anyone have a clue. There is/was a migracion location at Punta Cana village? Is it the same, still there? Like to deal with gov't people face on when...
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    Medical exam for residency renewal

    Things change ? Does migracion continue to arrange the appointment/time for your medical exam or can you just go to an approved clinic on your own? Is there a list of clinics? Regards, PJT
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    Catholic Church near old sugar mill - Yaguate

    A 75 yr old family member wants to obtain her baptism certificate. Her father worked as a mechanic at the Yaguate mill. The family moved away when she was under one. Does anyone know of a Catholic Church nearest to the mill that may have records? Regards, PJT
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    Government begins construction of Bani bypass highway

    This bypass will truly be a blessing to those who travel to and from the SW. There is no mention of a toll at this time but it could be expected to be announced in the future. Regards, PJT
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    Need bicycle(s) Punta Cana

    Does anyone in the tourist zone have a used and in reasonable condition adult size bicycle? No fancy style or tires. A standard street model would be fine, two would be better. Regards, PJT
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    Santo Domingo beltway - bypass finished?

    The Santo Domingo beltway route worked out very well. A joy ! The cautions when acquiring Carretera Mella from the Autovia del Este by Cemex Dominicana. The first 5-7 km of Carr Mella are dotted with potholes. Once past them, the carretera is good travel at moderate speeds to the junction of...
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    Santo Domingo beltway - bypass finished?

    Thanks, Did google earth search. It showed the beltway intersection as still under construction in El Naranjo at the Nagua/Samana Hwy (Autopista Nordeste) interchange.. Your reply ends doubt. This saves a lot of driving stress. Regards, PJT
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    Santo Domingo beltway - bypass finished?

    Want to know if the beltway is completely finished?. Traveling from the east and want to pick up the beltway from Boca Chica / Carr. Mella / Autopista Nordeste. Is it OK to make a connection at El Naranjo - Autopista Nordeste to use the beltway to get to Autopista Duarte, to avoid the tapóns...
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    Take note: Big bumpers are outlawed

    It is obvious by the poor road conduct of chauffeurs there is a need for these bumpers to protect vehicles, especially when they are in transit during most of the day. However, the bumpers are used by less respectful, less cautious chauffeurs to bully, intimidate others in traffic to give way...
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    Abinader: No new taxes in 2021

    Removing the new taxes from the 2021 budget is a wise move. New taxes would be adding salt into the wound of the pandemic affected economy. Regards, PJT
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    Raffle Tickets Club Rotario Punta Cana-Bavaro

    The Club Rotario Punta Cana-Bavaro of Rotary International will be selling raffle tickets this Saturday, October 3 and again on Oct 17, 10am-5pm at Downtown Mall. Bavaro; in front of the kiosk for Diseños Natacha. The price per ticket is RD$ 200.00 The prizes are three HP laptops, one for...
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    Bus Punta Cana to Sosua?

    Travel to Sosua from Punta Cana overland is tedious during normal time and more difficult with the state of emergency curfew hours. It is best done with an overnight stopover in Santo Domingo. A Bavaro Express departure from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo should be no later than 12 noon - 1 pm...
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    Coronavirus - In the DR

    Quote: Jan 20 Quote: Well !!! The post was on.around January 20 and PJT's sound advice was based upon covid 19 information at that time. Nobody had a working crystal ball. We all know now health services and governments did not provide representative detail of its harm and proper...