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    Accounting Administration A/R

    We are looking for experienced English speaking accounting / bookkeeping / administration people - must speak excellent English and have accounting / Accounts Receivable experience. You must have your cedula! We are hiring immediately for several positions. Salary is competitive and we offer...
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    Technical Recruiters

    We are currently interviewing and hiring technical recruiters. You must speak excellent English, work with computers, have a great attitude, be forward thinking and available immediately. We are NOT a call center. You will be offered a competitive salary, good benefits and working...
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    I need a DJ

    We need a DJ for a company Christmas party. This person has to be able to play local music as well as good old North American music! We are in Puerto Plata. Any ideas?
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    Dance clubs in the DR

    I am not an authority - but I would like to become one - on the best dance clubs. Saw this article and Guacara Taina, Santo Dominigo, come in at #5 in the world: " Guacara Taina occupies the fifth position in the list of the most popular nightclubs in the world. Located in Santo Domingo in...
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    Accounting Clerk

    Immediate opening for an experienced accounting clerk in a Puerto Plata office. Bookkeeping / accounting background and education required along with good computer skills. Experience with Quick Books is a bonus! MUST speak fluent English - English as a first language is preferred. Able to...
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    Internal Recruiters Needed

    An International Recruiting Company seeks personable, professional candidates to fill several upcoming positions. This is a growing company that has found success here. Expansion from 12 recruiters to a possible 100 recruiters will take place over the next 18 months. Full training is provided...
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    Employment in Free Trade Zone

    I have been told by several people that the 80 / 20 hiring rules do not apply the same for a company located in a Zona Franca. Does anyone know the rules or where to find them? I've looked at the labor code and there is nothing there.
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    Law firm with offices around the country is looking for up to 3 paralegals to assist the current and new lawyers. Salary is commensurate with skills, experience and language abilities. Please send resume to my email.
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    Relationships for Women 101

    After passing this by Anna (our moderator) I am going to break this long post down into 3 parts!!!! IF you are new to this forum please read this. IF you have a new relationship please read this. OR if it applies to someone you know - have them read it..... Relationships in the Dominican...
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    UNO - United Nearshore Operations

    A friend has asked about this company in Santiago. I know nothing about them. Anyone have any information, what kind of company are they? Where are they located? Anyone work there?
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    Baseball equiprment request

    In the area I live in we have 2 fields that the local kids use to host baseball games. They are pickup games and these kids have a great time. Unfortunately they have almost no equipment! Who is coming down soon and would like to help us out??? Please bring us the gear your own kids...
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    Dying in the DR

    What happens when a foreigner dies here? Due to the serious illness of a friend recently I was forced into doing some research. Here is what I found out: If a patient dies at home: Call the police. Immediately. Don?t wait regardless of the time. They will contact a doctor and do the...
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    Avocado Farms

    I have a friend looking for Avocado Farms, I did a search and found a very old thread so decided to start a new one. What part of the country are the farms in? As I don't like avocados I've never paid any attention - do they have a "season" of availability? Thanks for the help - in advance.
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    Domestic Abuse

    While this is not an issue solely about the Dominican Republic, I felt it was necessary to write this. Women come to this country and fall in love with dominican men. I don't want to get into whether it is real, or sankied or the reasons, suffice it to say it happens constantly. Because of...
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    Satellite Installation - Photos

    Sky Satellite was at our building yesterday to install for one of our neighbours. We were amazed at how the fellow got up on the roof - and were a little concerned about how he would get back down..... Here are the photos....