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    iphone parts?

    anyone sell iPhone parts on the north coast. I get mine from usa but need some locally today?
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    large fire in La Vega

    anyone have pics or info.
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    Any ideas what Dominican foods cause gout? I do not drink or smoke or eat shellfish. Something my wife makes is causing it and we cannot figure out.
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    another gas plant explosion

    san jose del las matas
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    Travel companion for dog and puppies to canada

    I am posting this for a lady in sosua. Here is her facebook page she is looking for anyone going back to Toronto and will take one
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    Shooting Puerto Plata next street from us

    Next to orange on 27 February calle. 11:00 pm last night. Two men on scooter fired into family meeting. Hit one car and one woman
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    my daughter is on tv

    :classic: My daughter is going to be on TV once a week in Santiago doing a dental show. whoopee!!!!don't know which station
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    Who takes cold showers?

    My wife and family think I am a sissy because I take hot showers. Does anyone else take cold showers?
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    want to rent my home

    What do I need to do to rent my home? I have to pay the 25.00 a month ad?