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    Ladies - what are your thoughts about living alone here ?

    At night with bars and dogs and a shotgun I would sleep well. If you open your bars during the day, you lose that level of security. I would talk to an alarm company about some kind of panic button you carry on your body that would trigger a very loud air horn .I am supposing here that you have...
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    Clothes Pins

    Stainless steel, each one stamped “ made in Italy”. 10 years now without a single one breaking and no rust. Bought mine in cañada from Lee Valley Tools. Expensive but will last a lifetime.
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    Decorative cement blocks

    Anyone know where they might be made? I am talking about the ones that have a design that allows air and light to go thru. Some are quite ornate, other have just a circle or square. They can be used anywhere when you want air and light but need security.
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    Looking for decorative concrete blocks

    Starting a new build, - I think I must have a secret death wish! However, should I live through the first part there are several places where I would like to install the open kind of concrete block that allows air and light to pass through. there are many different designs, some are quite...
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    Mark Cuban's cost plus drugs.

    Please be careful, lots and lots of fake drug’s out there and also here. It’s your health people!
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    Need cataract surgery , referrals?

    Many thanks to all posters. Looks like preliminary and post checkups could be done in POP. That’s an improvement.
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    Need cataract surgery , referrals?

    I had very successful cataract surgery in Santiago. Now my husband needs the same but as we live on the north coast we would like to have it done here. this surgery requires multiple visits in the process so going to POP rather than Santiago would be so much easier for us. Anyone know of a good...
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    TV via internet

    Gregvolt, where are you located? Can you come to Cabrera area?
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    Cost for architecture plans

    Has anyone paid for a complete set of house plans in the Dr? I am talking about someone taking your drawing on a napkin and producing a complete set of drawings . I have been quoted 185,000 for this service. House will be approx 1000sq ft (small) .
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    Greg Volt, where do you live?
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    I can buy MLB for my iPad and phone. 145USA per year. It gives me every game played. But I can only watch live or archived games. I need to know 1) how to get it from my ipad to my TV 2) how can I tape a live game to watch it later? And, we do have one of those AHEMs. Works ok for a lot of...
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    Trying to emerge from the dark ages

    I’m wondering if I’m the only one left with a DISH satallite for tv? This year I have had to stop feeding my cat so I can pay the 2,000USA cost of keeping the service. And I only watch sports and news. However, I record then watch when I want to. An looking for some direction in accessing a...
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    Re safety: if this is your main concern you have to look for another country, or maybe planet? You are responsible for your own personal safety and the safety of your possessions. those of us who live here permanently are relaxed and comfortable but are aware that we may be targets and...
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    Cabarete vs Las Terrenas

    depends what you are looking for. Both are extremely busy. cabarete Has a younger crowd due to water sports. Las terrenas is far away from all airports except Samana but few airlines Fly there . Spend 6 months in each and you will have your answer.
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    Need urologist in puerta plata

    Anyone have a referral to a urologist in the north coast?