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    Laptop keyboard died

    OK so my laptop (craptop) keyboard seems to have died. The mouse feature and computer I can open programs, DVDs etc, but can't it possible the humidity and recent rains have done a temporary "short" or am I toast with this machine?
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    Burt Webber, NEW treasure?

    I recently saw the press release from MEXP saying Burt and his crew were returning to port with "treasures". From the press release: "Our research vessel, R/V Hispaniola, is on the way back to port with the treasures." Burt was seen recently at Palo Pate, a fine SD mention was...
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    Shipping Computer to SD: Best way?

    I need to ship a laptop computer, wireless router and a couple of other items to SD. While I don't mind paying FedEx to do it, I have my concerns about DR Customs (security of actual delivery), taxes etc.... FedEx said it would be in the DR in 3 days, but could not tell me how long it would...
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    1700s shipwreck found

    I wonder what they found.... [I]MARINE EXPLORATION, INC. REPORTS DISCOVERY FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE MIAMI, FL December 10, 2008 (Miami, FL) Marine Exploration, Inc., (OTCBB: MEXP) and Burt Webber’s Hispaniola Ventures, LLC, added a shipwreck to its Joint Venture. Marine Exploration, Inc’s...
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    Diving in Samana

    Any recomendations for dive shops in the area would be appreciated. I heard there was a "top American owned dive school" that teaches "advanced Nitrox". I'm interested in this certification as I've never heard of it. I arrive on the 20th and will be there for 4 weeks.
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    Anybody seen Burt Webber?

    He said he was in town, I have not found him at any of his local haunts? He's got his pirate crew and ship in port.
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    Dozens of Dominican migrants jump ship; 3 dead

    Dozens of migrants jump ship as Coast Guard approaches; 3 dead By Rafael A. Olmeda South Florida Sun Sentinel 12:11 PM EDT, October 31, 2008 A boat carrying migrants from the Dominican Republic was spotted by the U.S. Coast Guard near Fisher Island [Miami] this morning, prompting more than...
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    Need shooting range in SD area

    Any gun ranges in SD open to tourists with gun rentals available? Indoor or outdoor OK Specifically smaller caliber pistols (.380 .38 9mm) and 12 gauge. I need to do some training with Dominican clients and will need 300 rounds per session, eye and hearing protection as well. NRA...
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    Hotel Mercure-Colonial Zone

    Finally slept a full night in my own bed after being lost in "the Zone" for the past five days. Rolled in on Friday afternoon to Hotel Mercure, no problems with the internet booking I'd made; and the front desk was more than accomodating to adding my DR galpal to the res so she could enjoy her...
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    Seafood spot please......

    Ok, not much luck on my last post, so....... I'm looking for a nice seafood place within a reasonable cab ride distance of my Colonial Zone hotel....I need to entertain business clients and lobster/grouper/paella is what I'm looking for......I know of a great spot on the beach in Boca Chica but...
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    Info on restaurant and museums please

    Looking for any info on El Cantabrico seafood restaurant on Independencia en Ciudad Nueva. Prices, food quality, atmosphere, neighborhood etc. Also if you know cab fare from the CZ it would be helpful. Same info on La Ataranza Restaurant and the little place at Fuerte San Gil would be...
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    Spirit Air

    Just a heads up....SPIRIT sent the weekly sales out last night..... Cheap seat from FLL on select days in August......:pirate:
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    Hotel Refugio BC

    Anybody stayed here? The pics online look great! Is it a quieter area than El Candil? Any info appreciated?
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    How long can I stay in the DR?

    While many threads deal with Dominicans gaining visas to visit the US and Canada....I can't find info pertaining to how long I can stay in the DR. Is there a limited amount of time I am allowed to stay in the DR? Can I just enter at SDQ, go thru Customs and travel the country? Do I need...
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    Hotel Mercure

    Anybody got the skinny on this hotel? Saw it on my last trip and ate in the restaurant..... Looking for info on rooms / security, rate seem great for the location. Any help appreciated