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    Reference Check: Cargo Co's - General Air Services, Dominican International Forwardr

    I'm shipping some boxes overseas and I'm wondering if anyone has a 'reference' for a good cargo sales person in the DR? More specific, does anyone have any good or bad experiences with these 2 vendors: General Air Services Dominican International Forwarders Any and all feedback is welcome...
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    it's finally friday - yo quiero rabo!
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    ELECTION - informal poll

    Most of us are 'outsiders' here, no matter how long we live here. I'd like to share the perspectives of some local Dominicans I've informally polled about this election. If you can, share the WHO/WHERE/VOTE/WHY, it would be interesting to hear all the different perspectives: - WHO: My...
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    Save this Gringo from jail!

    So on my street in the past 48 hours, I have witnessed 2 robberies perpetuated by a motorcycle duo. You know the modus operandi: Motorcycle slows down, guy on the back reaches over and grabs the purse. First time off an elderly lady neighbor, second time off a younger girl, motorcycle duo speed...
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    Santo Domingo Book Fair

    Has anyone been to past book fairs? Do they sell or feature books from around the world? (ie. in English?). Or is everything in Spanish? Thank you.
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    Public Service Announcement for Retired Gringo in DR

    Okay it's for Florida, but still applicable here!
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    Giving away old clothes - where?

    Do any of you give away your old clothes? Is there an organization that will take them and give them to the needy for free? Basically how can I ensure that they're going to goodwill, and not getting sold at some mercado pulga down the street?
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    Hipolito Just Had a Heart Attack!!!!!

    My BB messenger is BLOWING up with broadcast messages! He's been rushed to the hospital in NYC! What does this mean for the May 20 election!?
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    DR Puzzle of the Day - Refill Botellon without spillage?

    For those of you living here longer than me, I'm sure you buy botellons from the colmado once every couple days like I do. These things: outside the country, they come with a cap that has a valve in them, like this: here, I've never been able to find the valve cap. or a replaceable valve...
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    Hiking Pico Duarte - with a prissy little lady?

    Hello DR1'ers! So I'd like to hike Pico Duarte, but the lady that I'm going to take with me is a bit of a priss lol and not very 'outdoors friendly'. Well that's not true, she likes the balcony in Blue Mall, and the new part of the Malecon lol. So the question is, is there a way to hike this...
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    Buying a house in Santo Domingo

    I haven't been in the 'market' for 2 years, and now that I'm starting to look around again, it strikes me as though inflation or appreciation have snuck their ugly little heads up on me very quickly. Is it just me, or is it virtually impossible to find a reasonable house to buy in Santo Domingo...
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    calling all traders

    Greetings, I'm writing this message to see if there are any brethren traders or brokers on this board and living in DR. I would like to structure a trade on the DOP, and am curious if anyone has figured out a way or a marketplace that facilitates a short trade on the Dominican Peso? Thank...