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    european passport for dominican child

    Hi everyone, here is my question? I have a child with a dominican girl. I had a "few problems" with her after the child was born. I'm very happy to have this little cute boy BTW. Because I had so many problems with her I went to court to get custody of the child. Which I got... Now I want to...
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    los amigos - sosua

    Hi Anyone knows about a place named Los Amigos, seems to be a small hotel close to Cestur? I d like to know what kind of place it is? :)
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    Residency expiration - delay

    Hi everyone, my residency expires 29the of decembre which is in a few days Must I renovate before expiration or can I wait until beginning of january which would be more convenient for me...
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    renewal cedula - insurance commercial de seguro

    Hi I heard its now possible to get that insurance from a truck right outside the DGM Is this right?
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    Taxi from migracion office to aeropuerto SD

    Hi everyone, how much is it for taxi from migracion office to aeropuerto Las Americas :)
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    child support when abroad

    Hola Im french, posting for a french friend who does not speak english Here is the story. He lives half time in DR and France. He s got a dominican girl friend for 3 years. He sends her money when he is abroad. When he got back here after 6 months, he met his GF and she said she got pregnant...
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    German guy killed in jail

    Anyone heard about a german guy killed in jail in SD. He obviously was in jail because he refused to pay his rent or something similar. Anyone has more info about this???
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    Buying a house with a dominican girl

    About this subject we hear everything and its contrary. So what does EXACTLY say the dominican law when : . a foreigner buys a property here and puts it under his name . he lives full time with his dominican girlfriend. They are NOT MARRIED. What happens if one day they separate? What is the...
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    "purified" water in botellons

    Water in big botellons, 35 pesos to 50, fine fine fine Only problem, just try to analyse the acidity... You ll find out it s very acid... I guess its the result of the "cleaning" process... Acid water is quite dangerous. So 3 years ago I quited drinking that water and I drink from the well...
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    Orange private number

    Hi evryone, I get quite often phone calls on my cell phone which are from a private number. This is really disturbing me. I have an orange number. How could I know who is calling with that private number? :)
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    Relocating La Ciennega (cabarete)

    Hi anyone here living in La Ciennega? How is it for a foreigner in terms of safety, tranquility... :)
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    How to wire Swiss Francs to DR

    Hi everyone, I know its not possible to open an account in swiss francs in this beautifull country... But is it a way to get swiss francs sent from Switzerland over here? :)
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    Buying a house with dominican girl

    Hi everyone, This is my question and situation I am Belgian, live in Sosua for 4 years, renting apartment. I have a little boy with a Dominican girl. We live together. We are not married At the moment, everything is quite ok ( quite because you know dominicanas... :) ) I might think about...
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    fruits and vegs producer around Santiago - La Vega - Costanza...

    Hi everyone, Im looking for a farmer, fruits / vegs producer around Santiago You can PM :)
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    earliest bus to go from Sosua (Charamicos) to Santiago ?

    Hi everyone, whats the earliest bus to go from Sosua (Charamicos) to Santiago ? And what time does it get to Santiago? I should get there around 5am?