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    Casa de cambio ( check cashing store )

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    Casa de cambio ( check cashing store )

    Where are the best and more liable “casa de cambio” OR “check cashing stores” in Santiago ? Please name more than 1 Thanks
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    How and Where can a US citizen cash a US treasury Paper check while in DR ? Stimulus check , IRS Tax refund CHECK
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    How can I cashed a US treasury check (tax refund/ Stimulus check) in Santiago ?

    Hello everyone How can I cashed a US treasury check (tax refund/ Stimulus check) in Santiago ? Thanks
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    Best AREA to live in within GURABO and Worsts AREA to live in within GURABO?

    Where is are the Bests AREA to live in within GURABO and Worsts AREA to live in within GURABO? Thanks second question: I recently move in to "Urbanizacion Dona Fresa"(Gated Comunity Plus Security Guard) which its located at calle 20 and Los Rieles.......Am i in a good area of gurabo or Bad...
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    Seraca neighborhood

    Any one has any information about about SERACA ; it's it a good area or bad or so so , really bad, etc... Any comments concerns or questions about SERACA are welcome Thanks
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    Not renting a car while on vacation.FAQs

    Will NOT renting a car while on LONG vacation in Santiago be a huge obstacle to Enjoy myself in Santiago? Doesn't Santiago have 24 hours taxi service like in NYC? IF I go out to drink or hangout at bars ; Isn't safe to walk around the Santiago city(monumental area)? If I stay away from bad...
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    Avenida Estrella Sadhala Question

    So I have seen many posts about what are the safest neighborhoods/Area/residential in Santiago ; which by the way they all provide great help and inside on Santiago,BUT I have a more Specific targeted question, I would like to know If I was to rent an Apt. or House right on Estrella Sadhala...
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    Indoor Basketball Courts...

    Are there any Indoor basketball courts in santiago or any private health clubs / gyms that has a BB court on site? Second question : where is the most descent outdoor BB court ( descent meaning Safest Area or upscale location? As you can see my goal is to exercise while playing basketball...
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    JOBS... Where and How ?

    Hello everyone ; I am thinking about moving to DR for a year but I need some extra income in order to supplement my Veteran's check ; so Where and How does Americans citizen(expats) get jobs Santiago? It's my understanding that's the fact that someone speaks and writes English fluently in DR...
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    I posted this thread years ago and my opinion remains the same; and please keep in mind that I DO NOT brown nose ANYBODY I read DR1 forums often( am a VIAJERO) and I can't help notice how this man who calls himself AZB it's right on point 100% on all of his opinions about living , banking ...
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    What is the Worst neighborhood in santiago?

    OK there are many thread/posts on what is the best place in santiago to live in ; So lets talk about the opposite......What is the Worst hood in santiago?
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    How Do Expats Purchase American Products in DR?

    QUESTION for expats or anyone who knows how can you get american products to DR? Per example there are articles of food,clothes,medicine,electronics,etc.. that are only sold in the United States;So how can one purchase an item that is only sold in the USA while not living DR? PS...I thought the...
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    Where are the best basketball courts in santiago?

    Where are the Basketball courts in santiago? Thanks...
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    Azb has mastered the dominican way...

    I just want to say that this guy that name himself AZB is a pure genious when it comes down to knowing how life/society works in DR...everytime i read any of his post;there are always right on the money...he knows his $hit... DOES anyone else think the same as me? "SPECIAL FORCES LEAD THE...