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    Worrying Security Failure in Punta Cana Airport

    58kg of drugs do not shows up magically inside an airport, its a big chain with people in all levels, and we can only pray and ask not to be the lucky one, thinking on how many people they did the same before and now they are in jail. I Had to go to PUJ to take a flight to Canada and everty...
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    Arajet flies to new airport in Mexico; announces flight to Monterrey

    At the beggining thats normal, there are some routes that are not strong, some with less potential and some other with big competition like Aruba, Curacao and San Martin, the rest of the routes are going that bad, in the next months will be a balance and sales will increas. They are getting...
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    If Dominicans pilots do not quilify or the group of attendant to the request do not reach the amount of pilots they need IDAC will issue a permit to hire foreing pilots, actually they have pilots from aboard working.
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    Foreign Currency Exchange in Sto. Dom.: COP (Colombian Peso)?

    1.- The 3,950.00 x 1 xchange rate was at the airport, you know always airports rip you off no matter the country, thats why I was rounding 4,000 to have a reference faster on how much would be in dollars. Try not to xchange big amounts of USD into COP. 2.- About correct xchange rate you...
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    Foreign Currency Exchange in Sto. Dom.: COP (Colombian Peso)?

    I visited Bogota last month and my sugestion its to take dollars and exchange small amounts and pay everything you can with the credit card, at the airport the best rate I get was 3,950 x 1, and to calculate the local prices I used as reference exchange rate 4,000 x 1. Most of the time I used...
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    SDQ Santo Domingo Airport Report

    When did you travel? I passed by scanning my passport first and then me boarding pass. I'm Traveling again next month.
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    Voice Over WiFi or Wifi Calling with Dominican Providers and Apple IOS

    I have Claro and that feautre only works with phone that they sell, My iphone do not work WiFi Calls because I didnt buy to them.
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    Quito UIO 3 x week starting november 2nd. and Guayaquil GYE 2 x week starting november 3rd, the new routes added to Arajet Network
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    New Santo Domingo Metro Line

    Yes, there is a plan, the plan is to build a marginal street just like the one in Las Americas and the other side will be express to Santo Domingo.
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    DR Eticket: Whoa! New fees?

    All airlines send with the email the inforamtion and the link to fill the eticket, but unfortunatly no body read it.
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    Was checking prices with Copa for the dates Im traveling with Arajet and Copa's fares are now 592.00 US$ from SDQ to GUA, also was checking flights to CUN from SDQ with Arajet and for october the flights on dates 2nd, 4th, 7th, 9th, and 11th are Soldout.
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    Well my friend, let me tell you that you are wrong, Arajet is using the Certificate of Former Dominican Wings, that was a Charter Airline that now their commercial name is Arajet. Investors are Victor Pacheco owner of Dominican Wings, Bain Capital, and the name of the other company that I forget.
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    US Exchange Rate

    Banco Popular App shows US$ Buy - 52.60 Sell - 54.80 Euros Buy - 52 Sell - 55.50
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    I got the info that flights to Canada are already aproved.
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    Be clear Arajet is Ultra Low Cost Airline, and that comes with some problems for some people that do not understand what mean ULC, I booked a ticket to Guatemala, purchased only my seat and Carry on, but I travel with backpack, so I will survive.