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    travelling with a minor child

    unfortunately the rules favor the mother. The mother can travel without the permission of the father. The rules changed in November of 2019.
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    travelling with a minor child

    I have a minor child, born in DR and has Canadian passport. Been to canada many times before pandemic. Lived there for 3 years. I have custody from the mother but it did not go through the courts. Last year when we went to leave after 3 years we were told the rules have changed. If the child is...
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    Ukraine woman gets jail sentence for violence against her spouse

    She has money or family money. She will probably be allowed to buy her way to a much very early release.
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    Cash Advance on Credit Card

    I only use cash advance on my card, but never in a machine, only at the bank teller. Pre pay the card and their is no interest only cash advance fee.
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    Water Supply Problems on the North Coast

    The property where I live has never been hooked up to town water. They still get a bill every month. Its several hundred thousand pesos now. Its never been paid since the building was built.
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    The largest drug haul: DNCD seizes mega cocaine haul

    If it was going to Netherlands then why did it get here? Did they know before hand and take it off the ship. Was it unloaded by mistake?
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    Public Hospital for Sosua

    CMC isn't much to speak of. Recently I took someone with a broken foot to CMC, they took X-rays and then wanted too much for the cast. So they send the X-rays to his smart phone and off we went to Puerto plata public. When they opened the X-rays they were for someone else's chest. Had to do it...
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    Santo Domingo dock collapse

    Puerto Plata also had a incident today. A cargo ship hit the pier and demolished the corner.
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    Sosúa Beach Renovations

    you just ruined my favourite candy bar :mad::mad::mad:
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    Post Office for Sosua/Cabarete is now at Puerto Plata Airport.

    of course I mean when facing the arrival doors. I wouldn't be coming out from a flight and going to check for mail. :):)
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    Post Office for Sosua/Cabarete is now at Puerto Plata Airport.

    It is right beside the bathrooms on the lower level to the right of the arrival doors. I believe it use to be a souvenir shop. I didn't go inside but the sign clearly indicates that it is the post office.
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    Post Office for Sosua/Cabarete is now at Puerto Plata Airport.

    Where else would you move it to. Don't we all regularly drop in at the airport. Its a must see place to be. its been there for at least a couple months. I found it odd to be there but stupid is a much better description.
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    Status of Single Envelope Mailed to the D.R.

    I have had packages smaller than envelope sizes so I don't see why it wouldn't come through. Problem is that some couriers will not allow a credit or debit card. I bypassed that by having my friend send it in a package with the card hidden in one of the items. It got through.
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    Dangers of propane

    in those videos it should be noted that the explosions are only the leaking propane. If the tank were to explode the resets are much more catastrophic.
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    Dangers of propane

    riding around with the tank on the back of the bike unstrapped, drive with one hand on the tank the other on the throttle, occasionally look back as it slide around....all safe to some of these clowns. How much time does it take to strap in down!!!