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    2020 Hurricane Season

    if you are referring to the SJU TDWR, it did not stop running. please clarify.
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    First Lady looks gorgeous in Jenny Polanco

    not impressed at all.
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    Latinas: Is there truth to the stereotype?

    Will you promise to keep up posted of your experiences?
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    Latinas: Is there truth to the stereotype?

    And you know this because.....
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    The steps hotels are taken to attract tourists

    Lest y'all forget where you are, the DR is all about appearances. Let that sink in.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    you should be able to replay the broadcast if it has finished.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    BTW, Tropical tidbits on Mike's page have the spaghetti models completely missing PR, and headed directly through hispanola.
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    2020 Hurricane Season

    guy knows his stuff. Some of the professionals disdain him because he sticks it up their arse at every opportunity.
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    Refused entry

    not for nothing, but some visitors seem to forget that they are not going to a first world country when they travel to the DR, and that "first world" rules dont always apply in the "nanner republic" (based on personal experience).
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    Come to the DR and get away From Covid19 and Protesters burning the cities down

    y'all dont need to worry about my old fat azz coming. Ain't nobody looting and rioting in the streets where i live. hell, we only got 2 traffic lights in the whole town. I am 5 minutes from some of the best beaches in the country, and my freezer is stocked with fish that I have caught. The only...
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    Covid questions for Sosua and Cabarete area

    My money is on #4
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    Off Topic Forum Closed

    Again, your futile attempt at mind reading has failed......but never mind...... I stopped responding to your drivel a long time ago.
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    Off Topic Forum Closed

    now maybe Gorgon can come out of hiding.
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    New fines for no masks in public places....

    Was going to say exactly the same thing, but you stole my thunder. Anyway, the poster you replied to is a sabelotodo, so, I would have been wasting my time.
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    US goverment warns against travel to DR

    Someone clearly skipped civics class.