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    Employers violating human rights in this country - need lawyer to help friend

    The covid vaccines in the states have killed a over 5000 people ( ), and that number is much higher in reality as hospitals are actively instructing nurses and doctors not to report adverse events to VAERS. They are by far the most deadly vaccines in history...
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    Curfew Status

    It has become abundantly clear that this country is run by a bunch of clowns with a collective IQ of a shoe. The reason why the cases are increasing is because people getting vaccinated with this garbage experimental drug are getting sick, I've had half a dozen employees go out sick now for more...
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    Shipping a Car back to the USA...shipper?

    It is a US spec car that I bought here, I did decide that it would be better to sell here and buy again once I get up there, used price here is still more than brand new price there lol.
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    Shipping a Car back to the USA...shipper?

    Hey guys, anyone here ever have success with sending a car back to the states? Any suggestions on a shipping company would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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    Government buys Chinese vaccines, vaccination plan to be announced

    You line up for that crap, you deserve everything that happens to you. The amount of adverse events being reported to VAERS in the states is something like 200 times the amount of events reported for the flu vaccine. and you can see all the aggregated info.
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    Love travel? Get vaccinated

    Not a chance in hell I'm getting the covid vaccine...if it means I can't fly, so be it, I'll gladly keep my money in my bank account. These countries and corporations take no responsibility for vaccine injury, as of today there have been over 180 deaths and 450+ hospitalizations attributed to...
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    Wear a double mask!

    Anything less than a biohazard suit isn't going to do anything for this virus that can easily pass through a N95...such a freaking joke.
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    New entry procedures

    Does this form need to be filled out by dominican citizens as well as tourists?
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    New entry procedures

    When did this new form get put into use? I just came in a week ago and didn't see any mention of it. Will everyone need this upon exit and entry from now on?
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    Will you accept the vaccine made available in the D.R.

    Not a freaking chance in hell...They have no idea of side effects and long term consequences of the shot, your immune system is over 99% effective against covid, I'd bet on that.
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    Best option here is to buy as many bottles at duty free as you can on your way through the airport...They've been growing their Bourbon selection lately, I just purchased 3 nice bottles on my way in at a decent discount...all 1lt bottles too!
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    What will it take to end the curfew?

    Fauci is a joke and should be fired immediately...
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    What will it take to end the curfew?

    I personally know about a dozen people who have been diagnosed positive, 8 had no symptoms, the other 4 recovered like it was a standard cold. I also know 3 nurses who went for their test all together at a very well known hospital in the US, filled out the paperwork, waited in line for a hour...
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    What will it take to end the curfew?

    Don't hold your breath for an effective vaccine any time soon, this virus is mutating constantly as it spreads, the second it changes the vaccine that did work for it, no longer works. The flu vaccine that they've been working on for over 50 years is still barely better than statistically 0%...
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    What will it take to end the curfew?

    This whole thing was a self inflicted gun shot wound...Sweden has shown everyone how to deal with this. You can't stop it, so let it'll ramp up fast, then down, all we're doing now is living through this slow burn hell because politicians are selfish freaking idiots. With a 99.998%...