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    What is the cheapest internet service you can get that connects to your USB port in your computer and is portable. MEaning you can carry it anywhere?
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    Text Messages

    Is there any way you can send a text through an email for CLARO , VIVA or TRICOM phones for free! I have tried with no success!
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    CD Dominican Republic

    Is it better to have an account in dollars and save that way then get a certificado? I mean with the constant rise of the dollar? Also what do you guys think is the future of the dollar with the next government that comes a rise to 55?
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    What is the best cable for the price and the qualit that you can get in Santiago DR?
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    Any fees

    I am goig to Tampa by the end of November. I plan on buying a bike , PS3 and a TV will they charge me any fees at the airport for these goods if so how much?
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    What is the bank with the lowest interest rate for purchasing a used car loan in dominican republic? Also what kind of information do they need fro you for the loan and how much will they finance?
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    Hey my name is Javier Flores I am looking for employment in Santiago. I have a bachelors of arts in romance languages and a masters of elementary education from Temple University. I intend to live in Santiago. If you know anybody that might be interested in my qualifications PM me and i will be...
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    Okay so I am moving to Santiago next month what is the most efficient and the way that cost less to withdraw money from your American account? I have a Key Bank account ? Any suggestions.......
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    cell phone

    CAn you bring your old sprint and verizon phones and use them in dr?
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    BJj or judo in Santiago

    Does anybody know of any bjj or judo schools in santiago ?