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    CMC clinic

    A question; was CMC clinic sold some times back? Someone told me this yesterday ....
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    Passport Office

    Is Metro Tours closer to Pasaportes Office or Caribe Tours? In Santo Domingo
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    colmado la Mulata

    Hello, does anybody know the tel# of the Colmado in La Mulata? Thursday's they get fresh ham and i wanted to ask which time they receive it. Thanks :-)
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    sending a regular letter

    can someone recommend me a mail forwarder who will send regular letter , not using fedex etc...just to put it in regular mail service. Business Mail said they only send via fedex.... the others i don't know... any recommendations? thanks
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    Dentist Veneers Puerto Plata Sosua Area

    Hi, can someone recommend a good Dentist who is spezialized in Veneers. How much do they cost here>?
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    booking cruise

    Is it possible to book cruise leaving puerto plata? or just from santo domingo?
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    ADSL modem

    my claro adsl modem died. could someone help where to buy a new one? the one's from claro are very basic...or could i order one on amazon? if yes - any recommendation of model?
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    shipping container from canada

    does anybody has experience with shipping a container from Canada? Windsor area... Which shippining company to use? Costs for a container (car, motorbike, some boxes, some furniture not a lot) ? Time until arrives here? Is it easy to ship one container when applied for residency? I know these...
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    Honey Moon where to go

    Hello, i have friends coming and they want to spend their honey Moon somewhere in DR. Could somebody recommend a nice special place, hotel, retreat etc... Some real distinct place :-)
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    driving distance in hours from Sosua to Cabarera

    Hello, how are the streets going to Cabrera from Sosua? Good condition or bad? How many hours would it take to get there?
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    security escopeta

    am i allowed to provide my own escopeta to my night watchman, while he is guarding my own property? He does not leave the property with the gun. looks it in in the mornings and takes it out in the evening when he arrives.
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    how to get from punta cana airport to sosua

    I have a flight on the 7th of July, Sadly got only a flight to Punta Cana...connection to POP was full. What would be the best way to get to Sosua? Arriving 2pm in Punta Cana.
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    What's the password what's the password....hilarious....
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    translation of Estatudos

    could someone recommend me a translator 'spanish to english' to translate los estatudos from a company, please. it doesn't need a to be a certified translation, just a good google translation LOL How much would be the price per page? its about 20 pages
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    security camera system

    I have a friend who is looking for a security system, camera etc... could someone recommend me a knowledgeable person or company in this field. My friend is located in Sosua.