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    the frustration of wanting to leave!!!

    We want to leave but obviously can't, is their any way anyone has found to get out without the long onslaught of BS. We are expecting a baby in 4 months and I really want my child born in my home country. Anyone any success, even a backhander in the right direction?
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    is this real?

    YouTube - Dominican Republic Murder on tape Puerto Plata DR Shooting
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    Clinics, pregnancy, testing and true results.

    I have no idea how to advise on this. Say you left the country, your girlfriend then claims she is pregnant, you had no intention of returning any time soon, and even less likely to return after I have advised you :pirate:. What are the chances of getting original pregnancy test from a clinic...
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    Car rental here?? Jeeeeessssuss!!

    Is it not stupidly priced? Me reckons so!!!!
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    Amputation, what the $$$$

    Well, I've just got wind that a good mate of mine has had his arm chopped off after an accident on a moto. The thing I feel terrible is I saw him before he went for treatment and although it was a very severe fracture (complete break, above wrist and below elbow) it didn't seem anything a few...
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    Romantic Restaurant in or around Pto Plata?

    OK, it's got to be the dark lighting, candles, soft music, excellent service, wine and food. Give me a list of top venues in Pto Plata, Mrs Scrub deserves a treat next week.
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    Am I right in thinking Dollar is worth more than Peso, now?

    I've noticed a slight swing around between the 2 against the pound, am I imagining this? As you might know I'm mathematically dyslexic :bunny: and not the best at exchange rate observation. Anyone? How much is my sister gunna get for her money coming from UK? My point being I'd rather lend them...
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    Wireless internet in Costambar?

    Am I gunna have a problem finding wireless internet bars in Costambar?
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    What to bring back, travellers cheques?

    I am going to bring some travellers cheques back from the UK with me. I'm a little confused about what to bring and what my options are. The pound wasn't doing so well lately when changing into pesos so would I be best bringing US$ travellers cheques with me. I'm not even sure that I could do...
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    Need a site with pto plata rentals

    Anyone know where I will find listings for Pto Plata area, looking at the cheaper end of the market. Cheers
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    How would you describe Luperon?

    Never been before, nice of dump?
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    Need appartment or good website, for Las Teranas

    I'm considering relocating up the coast and am having trouble finding a good site with a listing of cheap accom. Anyone have any help?
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    Does your area have more employment options

    Anyone noticing low unemployment where you live, or know of a good area to relocate?
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    Relocating for employment oportunity

    So, where on the Island can people see more oportunity in employment. Anyone noticed more work in another area?
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    Help me understand the Visa process for UK

    What are the minimum requirements to enable me to bring my wife (dominican and with child) back to the UK. What are the minimum requirements tobring my wife to the UK if pregnant and I want my child born in UK. Why is it such an arse?