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    Best Area to Live in SD

    i am looking to rent between 1,500 to 2,500 dollar per month what are the best are to rent. i was told those area good ?? Piantini naco
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    how to find someone home number

    i have address is it possible find address phone number anyway possible.
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    My friend just got robbed in Piantini

    my friend was walking in Piantini and she got robbed they took all her paper and cellphone no where is safe no where not even rich area.
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    2 Friends Looking For Apartment in Santo Domingo

    i have 2 friends looking for Apartments in Santo Domingo for less that 15 Mil Peso month if anyone out there has any info let me know.
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    How to find somebody in SD

    i was wondering is there way to find someone address and phone number in SD ?
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    Bring tv on airplane 55 inch

    i am bringing a 55 inch tv in the airplane in december because no tax has anybody done this ?
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    Black Friday shopping for tv

    i am here in new york how much is shipping for 60 or 70 inch tv door to door .
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    Looking to Rent

    2 of my friends looking to rent a apartment in SD if anyone here has information please let me know.
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    Hey DR1

    Hello Everyone, just drop to say hello to everyone :)