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    Tourism collapses 87% in August

    the other side ... Brokers in Sosua (and Cabarete) are busiest they have been in years (well the ones I know). I know for sure SeaHorse has had the best last two month in resales than last 5 years (note, rentals still suck) and prices are stabilizing (three new homes are being built now, a...
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    Where to find gas powered power washer

    My pressure washer broke the other day (seems they last about two years here) and where to buy another. Does La Sierna or Jumbo carry them?? There expensive in the Sosua/Cabarete area. thanks, singletravel
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    The future of Sosua

    Im coming back today (dios quire), wonder have the gyms re-opened in Sosua??
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    Post your Scheduled flights here!

    July 7th Mia to POP
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    I hope this helps and answers some questions , my experience getting out ... It was time to go back, been here over 100 days. I booked a flight on AA for June 4th, but after realized it was going to be canceled I booked a ferry flight form SDQ to Puerto Rico and then on to Miami. Got a ride...
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    Need a hotel room for the 30th in Santo Dominngo

    Seems all major hotels are closed??? I'm leaving (hopefully) the 31 from sdq tp Puerto Rico (jet blue ferry flight) but would like to be there Sat night, any ideas what is open?? Thanks, singletravel
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    does anyone know if the Hilton Hampton Inn at sdq airport is open or not??? They are taking reservations on-like but no-one answers the phone??? When I called I was taking to someone inn India and said sure, can I make the reservation??
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    thanks, some useful info for once. singletravel
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Can we get back to the thread! AA says my AA flight on June 4 is a go but today the govn't says July 1 to open airports, phase 4??? Thoughts or accurate info, thanks!! singletravel
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    Is the curfew ending 17 May?

    Just curious, will the curfew end for the beach also end Wednesday (meaning you can walk it during the day till 7 pm). I'm getting mixed answers??? Im talking about about Cabarete, miss my evening walks :)
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    Anyone traveling about ?

    here a first, I was on the beach INSIDE SeaHorse Ranch (as most know, private) and a helicopter flew over and ordered me off (it was only me). What a waste when you think what happened in PP last week :-(
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    Anyone traveling about ?

    I had a friend come up from Santiago Tuesday over the moca mountain pass. He was ordered (already halfway here :-( to turn around and go back to Santiago. The savior of PP really ruined it for everyone ....
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    well I have a similar flight out of Santiago May 11 to Mia on AA. The flights are not showing now and I called and the agent said "they are not selling tickets anymore till June 4, but the flight still shows active (not formally cancelled yet) but more than likely will be cancelled. But, if...
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    Where is the diet Pepsi???

    For the last two weeks diet Pepsi has disappeared on the North Coast. I know, who cares, but its my one addiction (well might be another or two) and with the heat its a bummer .... Playero, Super Pola, and all the markets, nada :-( Anyone have an idea why??? I also noticed all diet drinks...