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    Shipping - UPS - DHL - FEDEX ?

    I have only for electronics
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    Price Smart Santiago

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    Price Smart Santiago

    Does anyone know if they have guest passes? Going to Santiago and we want to check it out before buying a membership.
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    Is tomorrow a holiday here?

    Thanks for the replies. I know about today, but was told tomorrow was also a holiday.
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    Is tomorrow a holiday here?

    I've been told that many places are closed tomorrow (Monday) for a holiday, but I found nothing listed for tomorrow.
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    Next minister of Interior & Police says government will apply the law

    They need to figure out what to do about snowbirds. Most i know will not go through the residency process. There are many other warm places ready to accept snowbirds. The DR and the people will lose money.
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    Roy titeren

    They are still in jail. I heard she is awaiting sentencing. The hearing was delayed due to C19
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    Beaches are closed again

    That is from 2 days ago. They changed it again to I believe all coastal beaches are open. Rivers are closed
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    One Canadian airline, Air Transat, is not flying here until November. I expect others to push back their dates.
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    Shipping presceiptions to DR

    Thanks everyone for your responses. I feel much better about this now.
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    Shipping presceiptions to DR

    This is what I understood from the pharmacist. She said she could not get them even with a prescription
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    Shipping presceiptions to DR

    Well, my May flight has been cancelled. I saw the local pharmacist on Friday and she says she cannot get most of my prescriptions or any substitute. Four years ago it wasn't an issue. I know that FedEx can ship them by providing documents from my doctor in Canada, but don't know if customs...
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    When will DR open for International travel??????

    Yesterday westjet cancelled all May flights. I didn't hear this from them of course. I did my daily check online and saw my flight was cancelled
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    Don Thompson Costambar

    No, he was back in Canada.
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    Replenish minutes on claro cell from Canada

    I want to keep my phone number since i have it memorized and everyone has my number. Is it possible to purchase minutes for my phone on line? Is it safe?