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    Can't wai to go back

    Can't wait to go back Sorry I am so late on completing this... Spent 10 days in DR in late March - 5 in Boca Chica, 4 in Jarabacoa and then one more night in Boca Chica. Everything was wonderful! This is my 6th Caribbean island and by far my favorite! Well here is the trip with as many...
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    I am in search of some lodging information for the Jarabacoa area. I have travel book which is only 1.5 yrs old but every number but one, no one ever answers the phone and the fax numbers do not work. I was able to get some information from Rancho Baiguate but they only offer an...
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    Can anyone provide some information on innoculations recommended before visiting the DR? One book says thyphoid is needed, another says not. One says both hepatitis, another says just A.