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    Salud Bucal Insurance Cost?

    What is the monthly premium for Salud Bucal Robert?
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    Cost of Diesel

    Could someone post the respective current prices of regular gasoline and diesel in the DR? Last time I was there (a year now.waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long:() diesel was significantly cheaper. If it's not now, I will probably buy a gas vehicle and add a propane conversion kit.
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    Maintaining a Claro phone number from abroad

    There was a discussion on this a couple of years ago, but I think things have changed with the sale of the company. I just returned to the US from a trip to the DR, where I bought a Claro SIM card for my phone. My activation will expire at the end of December, but I will not be able to return...
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    Hotel in Juan Dolio

    I am looking for a value-priced non-AI hotel for a night or 2 in Juan Dolio or Guyucanes. There is info a couple of years old on Plaza Perla and Romeo and Juliet, which sound fine. Just checking to see if these are still valid options or if there are new places. I don't really want a...
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    Jose Reyes coaches Sportscenter anchors

    OK, maybe this belongs in the clown bin, but it is both DR and baseball related. YouTube - More Hips
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    Dominican guitarist Rafael Scarfullery

    Last night I had the pleasure of experiencing this brilliant young musician in concert right here in my home town in Virginia. All I can say is, if you ever get the opportunity to hear him, take the time to do it. While he is not a showman, his performance was truly virtuoso in all other...
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    Tourist Visa Extension?

    Since the standard tourist visa was reduced from 90 days to 15, I have been confused about the legal status of the MANY tourists who spend somewhat longer periods of time in the DR, but have no desire to become residents. I understand that the penalty for overstaying the visa is relatively...
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    Jetblue now an option!

    Woo hoo!!! With service now available (or soon to be) from Raleigh, DC and Richmond, connecting service through NY, affordable trips to Santiago are now available for us Mid Atlantic coasters!!! (I live in VA) RDU-STI and return 9/9/06-9/18/06 Flight down leaves Raleigh at 6AM and arrives at...
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    Hillbilly joins the "5000 club"

    Probably more valuable information on the DR in those 5000 posts than most books on the subject. Muchas gracias HB for the wealth of knowledge, wit and sage advice.
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    Ken's 5000th post!

    Is this a first for DR1? Congratulations and thanks Ken for all your contributions to these forums!
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    Fusion Digital

    A few weeks ago I started getting Email advertisements in the bulk mail of my yahoo account (not my primary email). They are ads for a variety of products and events, all Dominican, ranging from commercial real estate to bachata concerts. The name of the marketing company, Fusion Digital, is...