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    Punta Cana flight to Toronto

    I don't know anything about Canada's government at the present time. All I would say is every government around the world have been blamed for too many restrictions or not enough. They can't win. The virus is tricky and the only solution is get people vaccinated ASAP.
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    I read it. Pure BS.
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    Tourism collapses 87% in August

    I agree. Just returned from a two week vacation on the North Coast. Went from semi-dead to lively at the end. The airplane was full both ways. The beaches didn't disappear nor the scenery. Dominicans remain friendly and hospitable. They seem to have gotten bigger from the pandemic...
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    Let's Get Realistic Here

    As long as you are not one of the 3,385 it's great news.
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    Need to borrow a recovery collar for a largish dog

    What a beautiful fellow. German shepherds are the king of dogs
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    You don't know where the virus was first found. Admit it. You are just speculating.
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    Resorts, restaurants and waterparks subject to new restrictions for the Easter Week holiday

    After Easter Sunday does the curfew go back to 9:00 pm Monday to Friday and 7:00 pm Saturday - Sunday? I'm arriving on Saturday April 10th. Thank you.
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    Problems with Vaccines.. past and present.

    Notice that the article is from a Taiwan news source. Do you think they would trash a Chinese vaccine? The answer is YES!
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    Haiti poised for Civil War?

    That's a silly question Nals, The Haitian government would have to share their spoils with Dominican officials. You have been gone too long Nals. Don't you remember how things work on the island of Hispaniola?
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    Cabarete Bypass Starting?

    Very nice guy as well. Grew up on the streets of Cabarete. Probably a shoe shine kid at one time. Very personable.
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    More contagious and deadly coronavirus strains circulating in the DR

    I have been fully vaccinated since February 10th. I'm traveling from the US to POP on April 10th. According to AA I will have to get a negative test before traveling back to the US. BTW I read today that Canada will have covid free trains either now or soon. I assume long distance passenger...
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    Is it just me or are you nervous about taking the chinese vaccine

    Some vaccine skeptics say the vaccine will change your DNA. So if you're a serial killer you want to get it as soon as possible!
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    Government considers Spanish and Israeli technology for fence with Haiti

    Of course. Up here in the US we have many Mexican restaurants. Some of them are quite good.
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    Government considers Spanish and Israeli technology for fence with Haiti

    As you know very well, Haitians pay corrupt customs/immigration officials to come into the DR. So the fence/wall will stop no one. It might stop a few cows however.
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    Haiti’s political crisis needs to be tackled by the international community, says expert

    I always enjoy the armchair experts on DR1 comment on Haiti and her future prospects.