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    Owner financing - buyer does not pay

    As the title says: we sold a property with owner financing but the buyer does not pay. The buyer is days away from the second payment and we suspect she will not pay. At signing the buyer asked for quarterly payments and we agreed which was not smart but this is how it is. Meaning she has the...
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    more info on Owner Financing

    Hi, I have some questions about owner financing, i know i need a good lawyer but i want to prepare myself first before asking questions to my lawyer. What is a common interest rate for owner financing? If somebody puts 30% down and wants to pay the rest over 5 years what happens with the...
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    Parking around Punta Cana

    Hey Guys, Is there some sort of parking around Punta Cana. I leave the country for 3 weeks and airport parking is ususal kind of expensive. We are looking for a secure parking around Punta Cana and would take a cab to the airport Any ideas thanks tc
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    a not spanish conract between companies

    Hi, I have a question about contracts between Dominican Companies. Suppose there is an srl who has a written contract with an eirl but NOT in the Spanish language. There is no stamp from both parties on the contract. This is concerning renting a unit to conduct business. We want to stop our...
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    update parking SDQ

    Hey guys, I found an old thread about parking rates at SDQ and rates for lising tickets. Any updates on this since that thread dated from 2005? Thanks Tc
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    solar powered pool pump

    Does anyone have any experience with a solar powered pool pump? I was thinking that the main part of my electricity bill is dominated by the pump. I know there are several suppliers but i have no clue here in the DR Also the cost of buying and installation vs my Edenorte bill Any info on...
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    satellite tv @ north coast

    Hello :-) Here i am again with this TV question We live in Sosua, North Coast, for those who do not know where it is ;) We have a satellite dish installed from the previous owner and have no cable access. We would like some tv to watch What are the options and prices that goes with them...
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    stallite tv for free

    if ya have a dish, can you purchase a decoder somewhere just to watch some tv? I do not need any specific channels we had a subscription with sky but that is long gone, still have the decoder from them ofc. How do you guys do it? and yes free in i don't feel like paying for it when it is out...
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    buying a new car like Kia or Hyundai

    Hey people, We are thinking about buying a new car. No more 6000cc, gas monsters but a 2-2700cc gas-friendly car i can find the official Kia and Hyundai websites for the DR but are there some dealers located in Santiago or Puerto Plata? Why hyundai or Kia, the latest reviews of their 4*4...
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    High speed internet in Sosua hills

    what can you recommend for Sosua hills? Need reliable high speed internet if there are combo's to be made with mobile phone subscriptions, that would be fine too. I know claro has some bundles but they work with dishes? any tips welcome Thx in advance Tc
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    Regularize or leave

    Have you guys seen this and what is your reaction: Regularize or leave, Dominican Republic official warns immigrants
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    paperwork for a new car

    Goodmorning :-) We want to buy are own car (2nd hand) If we goto to Moca and find a used car to buy what do we need to get to oficially own the car. I mean what paperwork to we need to do so we do not drive around illegally? We need the official title? We need an insurance? We need to pay tax...
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    where do you get your prescriptions

    Hey people, I am in need of some special medication and sometimes it can be found locally it is just that i do not really like the word local. Did you try to buy some online and if so, where did you do it? Is it reliable and how fast did you get them? Thanks for any given tips. Tc
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    Fries, chocolate and mussels

    Hello people :-) We are not that new but new to the DR1 forums. We are regular visitors in the DR and in august we move permanently to Sosua. We is my wife and me :-) We are from Belgium. My wife is a real Belgian woman, me too but i have some dutch roots. It is good to have some forums like...