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    Solar panel comapny Raquel is a friend and runs a reputable company in Sosua. It was called Soluz Dominicana years ago when I was involved. She took over the company and has done a very good job for a long time now.
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    Getting married to a Dominican Citizen

    Many times the ceremony at the resort is just for show. The legal marriage was obtained at the court house a month before in their home countries.
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    Cancer victim: Milka from Rockys :(

    Milka was a sweetheart. RIP amiga.
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    Hick or country bumpkin

    jibero is often used. Not sure of spelling.
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    Word of the day

    I always thought the word for head in Dominican Spanish is casco in reference to a helmet, pronounced caco. I tend to use cabeza.
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    New Chocolate Maker in SD

    Hello all.  I have learned about a new chocolate maker in Santo Domingo and wondered if anyone has tried them yet.  I discovered him on Facebook and unable to make a trip in the near future.  It looks like a very small operation (sort of what I do in the US) and really wondered if anyone has any...
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    Question on Breaking the Casket

    I wondered if anyone has experienced this and if anyone has heard of this happening in other countries. We had a good friend of the family die in NYC and was sent back to the DR for burial. When they put her in the ground they took a hammer to the casket and broke it so thieves do not return...
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    Teaching Jobs in Salcedo

    Did not see the subtopic and originally posted this under Central. Mountainanne pushed me to look again. Job (Salcedo): Teaching Positions Dominican Republic's first STEM magnet -
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    Teaching Jobs in Salcedo

    A former Peace Corps volunteer who was in my group posted this on Linkedin. Sounds interesting and may be a interest to a few. Job (Salcedo): Teaching Positions Dominican Republic's first STEM magnet -
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    24th Wedding Anniversary

    Fellow DR1ers, Tomorrow I will have been married to Marisol from Jaya, San Francisco de Macoris for 24 years. We have 2 boys, 23 and 9. No, the 23 year old was born 11 months after we got married. I really got lucky when I saw this pretty, cinnamon colored young women on Caribe Tours eating...
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    Dominican Kids - Saint Queen Anne of Martyrs School in Inwood, Manhattan

    PreK-1 & PreK-2 sing "Clap Your Hands" - YouTube
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    Another sister-in-law Jaya City Foundation

    Jaya City Foundation - Home / Inicio Another one of my sister in laws and much of the family participate every year in distributing Xmas canastas to very needy families and individuals in the campos around where my wife was born and raised. The November dinner is the big event of the year...
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    A bit of good news about my sister-in-law

    New DANR President & Vice President : DANR – Dominican American National Roundtable
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    World Cocoa Foundation Meeting

    If anyone is interested, the World Cocoa Foundation is having a conference in Santo Domingo on 15th and 16th of October. The cost is US$750 to register so it is not for hobbyists. I hope to attend and if anyone on the board is interested in cacao and chocolate, feel free to contact me...
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    Paper on the History of Merengue

    I hope some of you find this interesting. The City College of New York :: CUNY Dominican Studies Institute Research Publications