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    Bus Punta Cana to Sosua?

    No it is not,it is an unlicensed private driver,I agree that it is an incredibly low price,I have no dog in the race just reporting on what I see.
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    Bus Punta Cana to Sosua?

    There is a woman in one of the DR Feyboo groups that advertises car service Sosua-PUJ for $150. I thought that I saved her info but alas I did not,maybe if you search hard enough you can find her.
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    Best place to change money in Sousa these days

    Just a head's up,passport is required.
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    RD was my backup plan, but who knows?

    but the beaches suck....
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    RD was my backup plan, but who knows?

    Plenty of coastline,yes. But the beaches near large cities like Cartagena,Barranquilla or Santa Marta are crap beaches. Colombia has beaches that rival or surpass the DR,just not in easily accessible areas with good infrastructure.
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    RD was my backup plan, but who knows?

    I have lived in both Colombia and the DR,if Colombia had a nice beach in an easily accessible safe area with good infrastructure I would never have stepped foot in the DR but it doesn't so the DR is my spot. If the lack of a nice beach isn't a deal breaker give Colombia a hard look,it is such a...
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    The future of Sosua

    Playing outrageously loud music until the wee hours of the morning and causing congestion in the streets of a neighborhood with some well to do Dominicans living there.
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    Police intervene in drug clash in Sosua

    Most dogs are bred and raised as domestic PETS,even pit bulls. Roosters are not,they are raised as part of the food chain. Big difference.
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    Police intervene in drug clash in Sosua

    Especially when it's crap weed,all 300 grams wouldn't get a fly high.
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    US$4.3 million in cash seized at seaport

    Why ship $20 bills and not $100's,much less bulk to hide.
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    The future of Sosua

    What I see is about a 50/50 mix with the Jetblue crew,I spent a lot of time hanging at the old Midtown restaurant and bar and the crews that rolled into the Las Palmeras hotel were the cheapest guys you can imagine,the stories are endless. Guys would go to a pico pollo place and then come over...
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    Tourist visa extension and return flight

    It comes down to the airline's policy,if you arrive to a foreign country and you are refused entry and you only have a one way ticket the airline must pay to fly you back,discount airlines Spirit and Jetblue always ask and American Airlines never asks.
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    Barber no more in Sosua

    I recommend Mag also....
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    Hot dogs no pork

    Playero carries (most of the time) Oscar Meyer all beef hot dogs. Very good,small and expensive. They are not where the rest of the hot dogs are they are in one of the kiosks in front of the deli counter.
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    Refused entry

    Johne is spot on correct. You can not travel internationally with a minor age child without a letter of authorization from both parents if you are not a parent or from the child's other parent if you are one of their parents,period. I have a minor age child that lives in a country other than the...