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    Help finding rum in PC/Bavaro

    Hello! Anyone know where I can find this rum on the East coast? I've checked Jumbo, Super Pola, Nacional and Licormart with no luck. Im currently here till mid February and promised a friend I'ld find him a bottle. Says its great stuff :/
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    New Years in Las Terrenas

    Hello...just curious..we live in Santiago but just decided to rent a villa in las terrenas for new years eve.Well actually 4 days, 30th to Jan.2nd. We decided on Las Terrenas because we've only been there once and really enjoyed our day trip there. My question is, what goes on in LT for new...
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    building costs 2014

    Hello everyone, My wife and I recently purchased a nice lot in LT after living in Santiago for years. We are planning on building our house on the recently purchased land. I have a master builder who is telling me he can buuld the house I want for the best price. After reading a few articles...