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    Sending large paintings to the US

    Hey guys, Some of you already know that my husband and I are leaving the DR in just over two weeks time (for work as well as health reasons). We've been working on this move for a while now and have we almost everything sorted out.... except one big thing. Hopefully someone can advise me on...
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    Bike Rack for Honda CRV

    Hey, does anyone know where I could purchase a bicycle rack that would easily fit my Honda CRV? We need it to accomodate two mountain bikes. Anyplace on the north coast where they are sold or do I need to drive to Santiago?
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    Tornado in La Vega

    Does anybody have any updated information about the Tornada in La Vega this afternoon? I heard there are several injuries as well as deaths, not to mention lots of damage there. My cable isn't working (for 8 weeks now) so I can't find out anything. Anybody know anything????
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    FYI - IRS Seminar-Gran Ventana

    FYI in case anyone is interested in attending the IRS seminar being held at Gran Ventana (in Playa Dorada) on March 6, although the news article posted the start time as 8:30 p.m., it is 8:30 a.m. (not p.m.). Glad I asked when I called to make a reservation.
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    What's the best driving advice for tourists?

    Okay, hopefully you guys can help me out so I can pass the informaton on. Here's what happened yesterday: My cousin (who is American) is here visiting his Dominican wife. He comes just about every 5-6 weeks to see her while waiting for her visa to come through. Yesterday he was driving her...