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    Does an P-Inverter RFI/EMI buzz block internet connection??? HELP!!!

    HI any one who can advise... I have a small office and I installed a power inverter. So I notice that when the power go off and the inverter comes in, my dial-up connection is blocked and I can't connect again until next day, if there is power. If the inverter is on, the internet won't work. So...
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    Help installing an Inverter...

    HI, I have Power Inverter, 1000w, a Coleman one, with no built-in charger. Somebody has suggested that if I only buy one 12 Volt deep cycle battery, I don;t need to buy two 6 volt batteries. Is this true? Also, do I need to buy a battery charger? How do I install it in a way that when power...
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    Banana Producer needed

    HI all, Does any one knows a banana producer, or exporter, or is into that business in the DR? Let me know.
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    DR power system collapsed? any light at the end of the tunnel?

    Does anybody have any idea of what the exact, not what government's spokemen say, but the real, true situation of the power crisis? It usually lasted a few days and when money was poured into generators pockets we had "LUZ" again... Any conspiracy theory thinker out there who knows more than...
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    Guido unmasked at EL GOBIERNO DE LA MA?ANA *WOW**

    Hi All, I don't know how many of you listen to EL GOBIERNO DE LA MA?ANA radio talk program, but this morning Mr. Alvaro, the program lead voice, said that Guido went to his home about 4 times and asked him to defend him thru the radio program, which has the highest ratings in audience in this...
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    Import Tax for Power Inverters

    Does anyone know what the exact import tax is for Power Inverters? I do know that there is 10% exchange rate commission for all imports, a 2% temporary import tax, and sometimes ITBIS. But if there is a selective tax on these products I don't know... any one has experience/knowledge about it...
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    AMEX Card * Banco Del Progreso *

    Hi, Have any one of you had any unpleasant experience with Banco del Progreso American Express card? I used to have one about two years ago, and when I would fall behind the minimum payments, I could take 2-3 months to pay and I never had a problem.. interest rate was always ok... perfect.. It...
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    Online Credit card processor in the DR.. advice pls

    HI all, I have been wondering if there is any online credit card processor in the DR. I tried once, and that doesn't work at all, and I lost US$300. I once called CARDNET, and company that processes all credit card (debit card also) transactions in this country. In order to have an...
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    Advice on Solar cells needed

    Hi everyone, Is there anybody who can tell me how mcuh power from solar cells I need for running my house appliances? I don't know anything about solar cells... how much they cost, an they be installed on an apartment roof? etc etc. Thanks a lot. JR :ermm: