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    Garbage in Rivers...

    One is apparently already deployed in the Dominican Republic!
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    Garbage in Rivers...

    Interesting that you mention this. Not too long ago I watched an installation of this apparatus on a California river and thought it was a huge step in reducing waste into our oceans...take a look below. Perhaps the DR could benefit immensely from such a device...
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    Attn All Neat Freaks

    Puerto Plata
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    Attn All Neat Freaks

    That's pretty cool. When you buy stuff off Amazon while living in the DR, how is the service/delivery?
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    Canadian Killed in Juan Dolio

    :ROFLMAO: sound like you are on the take...
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    Architectural Digest focuses on Jarabacoa home

    I think the climate is a little different in Jarabacoa...
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    Mariana Downing is Miss DR representative to Miss Universe

    Someone get this a girl a!
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    American Marries Dominican: True Love or Visa Wings?

    Sounds like you've been here a's interesting for the newbies...
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    Saharan Dust to cover DR throughout next week

    hmmm I I agree with what you said except for the last part...we can't be certain...especially with all the scientists barking about reducing CO2 emissions
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    China promotes its investments in the DR; Diario Libre calls for respect to rule of the law

    China is an opportunist. They have ulterior motives. Look beneath the fluff.
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    Dentists for locals without a job

    Hi Jan - where is this place - which province?
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    Dentists for locals without a job

    I am asking for my GF who is a native
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    Dentists for locals without a job

    Hi Fulano2 - not sure yet. My GF has yet to visit a dentist. She lives in POP.
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    Dentists for locals without a job

    I am wondering if there's government assistance for locals who need dental work but are unemployed? Thanks!