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    Crossing the border at Perdanales

    I want to know if anyone has ever crossed into Anse-a-Pitres Haiti from the end of rt 44 in Perdanales? It is not an offical border crossing..I have been told I must park on the border and walk across into the town or take a motoconcho.. Is this how it works?
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    Super Bowl Game 2-1-09

    As I am from the SW part of the DR..I will be in Santo Domingo on Super Bowl Sunday as I have to meet an incoming flight that morning...I want to watch the game..All you football fans living there can surely recommend a place for me to watch the game in Santo Domingo...All suggestions will be...
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    Panama Citizen Visa Needed?

    I have a friend comming to visit me at the end of the month..She is from Panama..Is a visa needed for a 20 day stay or is a tourist card sufficent from the airport in Santo Domingo for her to enter the DR..
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    Current Taxi rates from SDQ

    What are the current asking rates from SDQ to Boca Chica or into Gascua in the Capitol for a taxi ? As a resident I have been out of the country for a year and I know the rate is flexible but it has been a year and I was wondering if I still can get it for $700 RD
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    Exporting a SUV from the DR to the US

    I bought a 2000 Suzuki Grand Vitara last year in March in Santo Domingo..I want to ship it back to the USA as it only has 77,000 km on the clock and is like brand new..Is it worth it.??.I have residency, and I am a US citizen if that makes any difference...The title is clear...
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    Travel back to the USA with a Dog

    I am traveling back to the USA with my dog who has all of her shots up to date..AA said I do not need a new medical cert because the original is good for 1 year..Can anyone verify this...
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    An Apology

    To all of you who know me and those that dont I have acted like an a??hole The past few days..I fell down my stairs struck my head and recieved 9 stiches,,My eye is welded shut and I have a very sick wife in the USA who had to leave here May1st,2007 for treatment..I wasn?t drunk or anything..It...
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    You?ll know if the DR is for you in 3 months not 6

    I have read time and time again that people are advised to come here and rent for 6 months and you will know if you and the DR are perfect together..I beg to differ.!!!! I guarantee it will take only 3 months...I won?t get into detail but trust me with the 3 month rule...
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    Had My electric wires cut 2 times

    From the transformer to my home the wires must pass thru some deep bush and two times someone cut and stole the plastic coated wire..Now it is exposed unprotected wire..If they attempt to cut them they are gonna get ZAPPED but good..It?s been 2 months now and nobody has the balls to do it...
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    2000-2002 Jeep wanted

    The other post was affected by a computer error...So Here it is again..I am looking for a Jeep Wrangler or Chevy Geo 4 wheel drive..I am in the Barahona area but will consider looking all the way to Santo Domingo for a good one...
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    Burning your bridges ?

    I have a good friend in his early 50's who also has a sickness and wants to live out his time in the DR after seeing I was able to re-locate without much hardship..Only thing is he wants to just not pay off his medical bills and credit cards because he is unable to work..He claims he was told by...
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    Web Page Designer in Santo Domingo

    Can anyone recommend a good web page designer ..Ph.# and address would do fine.Also have you personally done buisness with the person.?
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    TORO the Haitan Red Bull

    This stuff is readily available in the SW..Is it sold anywhere else on the Island? I have been drinking this stuff since Jan. and really like the flavor.I was really surprised when the silver plastic bottle said made in Haiti..
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    How do I get new construction Title??

    I just finished construction of a home ..I bought the land first and then built a home on it..How does this work? I want to do this the right way...
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    Penalties for an unlicensed firearm.?

    I posted a thread about getting some type of defense weapon for my home and mentioned a crossbow..Then came all kinds of replys.From Flare guns to spearguns..My problem is I only have provisional residency and live in a remote area..I would feel safer if I had something in the house..Lets face...