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  1. U.S. Citizen and Applying for Residency in D.R.

    I am a U.S. citizen planning to arrive in D.R. using the tourist card visa obtained at D.R. airport upon entry into D.R.

    I will then apply for my temporary and then permanent residency. I assume I...
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    What about electronics in your carry-on or checked luggage?

    If I bring my laptop in my carry on luggage or checked luggage, as a non-resident, should I expect to be taxed or pay any fees?
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    Where to get an HIV test in DR?

    Hello, just finished reading POLL on STD's in DR. Now I have questions:

    Where does the average Dominican go to get an HIV/AIDS Test in the DR?

    Are there specialty clinics set up for this...
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    Micro-Lending Institution could help this person

    You may want to consider directing your friend to a micro-lending institution in the D.R., such as KIVA. The whole purpose behind the micro-lender is to enable poorer borrowers, without the means to...
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    Look into internship opportunities with Interdom....

    Look into internship opportunities with Interdom. They are a non-profit from DR with HQ in Washington, D.C. They most likely will have the company connections (through an internship or networking)...
  6. Florida International University might have what you need

    I know that FIU in Miami has partnered with UNIBE to offer an MBA, taught in the D.R. The great thing about this is that the MBA participants recieve a degree from both the U.S. University (FIU) and...
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    Well, atleast I know where to keep the majority...

    Well, atleast I know where to keep the majority of my funds.

    Thanks for your reply.
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    FDIC for Dominican Bank Deposits

    Hello - I am an American planning to open an account with a bank in the DR. I want to know if my deposits are "FDIC Insured" as we have in U.S. banks.

    Is there a similar type of deposit insurance...
  9. Thank you for the info.

    Thank you for the info.
  10. U.S. Banks that are also available in the DR?

    Hi all, before I move to the D.R. from the U.S., I would like to open an account with a bank in the U.S. that also has branch locations in the D.R. Does anyone have reccomendations?

    Are there any...
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    Are there any types of social programs OR...

    Are there any types of social programs OR educational programs available to help such individuals adjust back to life in the D.R.?
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    Yes, I agree with you and I am encouraging him to...

    Yes, I agree with you and I am encouraging him to try to make a life in the D.R.

    He will be 38 years old when he arrives back in the D.R. I think his biggest worry, as is everyones, is whether or...
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    Dominicano with U.S. Felony?

    Hello - I would like to find out how a Dominican with a U.S. felony will be impacted as far as being able to legally immigrate to other counties outside of the D.R.?

    My Dominican friend has a U.S....
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