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    Moderators: Two questions about PM's

    1. Are Pm's censured? 2. If the intended receiver is on "vacation" will he/she get notification of the PM?
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    Expats...Why did you become a resident or a citizen of the DR?

    I'm interested in knowing the reasons one would become a resident or citizen of the DR if you were/are holding US or Can passports. More specially, if one of the reasons was you wanted to be more proactive in the politics of the country, have you now become active? What role do you play in...
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    Bring a gift of masks. Price is way down

    I bought from a street vendor yesterday in NY a box of 50 disposal masks for $20. One box will be at my apartment door( if you want to enter put one on). Two or three boxes for the public school. Better than chocolate:) mints.
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    Shipping wine in Blue tanke... Have you done it ?

    I would like to ship some wine bottles from the states to the DR. I'm wondering, even with the best of wrapping, your opinions, on that working. Has anyone on board done it? Additionally, same question for jarred tomatoes. Mason jar, with lid and screw cap. Sounds risky to me but maybe someone...
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    School supplies needed VERY badly.

    Schools will open soon and they are facing the worst of times. I am trying to do my part for a small school in the Guayacanes district . I would appreciate any recommendations from this forum as what organization I might turn to for help.If it involves pick-ups of supplies, equipment or any...
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    Any members familiar with Banco Lopez de Haro

    Would like to get feedback on this bank. Thanks in advance.
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    How do you send a DM with the new format?

    Duh, how is it done?
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    Exercise in the Time of Covid19

    Too much inactivity for me. Going to get ready for the end to this misery; Recommend real simple 40 minute work out: On Youtube "Power Mode Workout by Darebee".Really simple stuff. No equipment . Low impact. Enjoy
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    Instant Yeast in 15.88 oz. package storage

    Yesterday I received "instant yeast". First time I'm about to use this item and I'm a bit concerned about storage (in the DR). On line information says airtight container in freezer . Has anyone used this in the DR and how did you store the yeast?
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    I'm surprised at the low level of confidence members here have in the survival of the DR post covid19. Some of the members suggest that the fall will be so great that the DR will only survive in a socialist government."Tourism is dead". "There is no hope for a return to the 'glory days' "...
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    Lots of borrowing needed by the Government. Direction of the Peso

    All of this borrowing that both the DR and the US will need got me thinking about the value of the peso. Your thoughts on the subject and the timing?
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    Full Full flight and airport

    Yesterday I flew into Santo Domingo on a full flight Jet Blue. The airport was so crowded that the people waiting t0 greet and pick up was about 4 deep. In my opinion the line for visitors in immigrations was twice the size as "residents". For SDQ I think that is very positive.
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    who can I go to for photo printing

    I would like to find a source for printing from my chip (35 MM camera)glossy photo prints. I would guess there isn't anyone in JD but is there a store in SP? (Does Jumbo do this kind of work?) Come in are a treasure chest of info. lol
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    Recommendation for a dentist in Santo Domingo.

    Before I moved here I was getting quite a bit of dental work done. This past weekend I had some issues with a crown breaking off. I was heading back north as scheduled and will have this problem resolved tomorrow. However, I need a class A dentist here to continue my work because this is my...
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    Opening a bank account is like having an tax audit in the states

    This week I went to the bank to open an account just so I would have a place to put dollars for the monthly expenses. Nothing complicated. Don't want a loan. Or a mortgage. Nothing like that. The amount of information numb nuts wanted was nothing short of basically telling me...I don't want your...
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    Interested in meeting seasoned pro in boutique hotel development in DR.

    Now that I am "full time" in the DR I can proceed with a project that I have been given by well respected boutique hotel development firm. I am interested in opening conversations with individual or group that would share in my percentage of the deal. You must verify that you have the expertise...
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    The car ferry from Santo Domingo to PR,

    Number of years ago, before Juan Dolio, I stayed a few times at a great hotel in the colonial zone. Out my window I would notice a ferry that loaded up each afternoon with drive on cars. I'm guess that ferry went to PR? If it was going to PR I guess you would need to show U.S. passport when...
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    Any DR1 members living in Juan Dolio?

    I am moving to JD the week of Jan 19 (have not signed the lease yet but I know where I will be) ) Would love to know if I have any neighbors near-by. Feel free to PM me.
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    Expats getting shots for the following?

    The DR news has quite a lengthy list of illnesses and the associated data for 2019. Among them are dengue, leptospirosis,cholera and 5 more. What are your experiences in getting preventative shots. I'm traveling down later this month for an extended stay and I'm thinking of contacting my doctor...
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    I'd like to know more about the Mayor's authority and Duties of small cities.

    I am unfamiliar with how all works it way down to the local level. How important, meaning how much authority, does that office have? What kind of issues ultimately are decided by that office and that office alone. Is there a change of administration when there is a change in the President's...