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    It looks like there is movement in the regularization program. I have seen 2 documents that indicate that a cedula will be issued .to those in the program If you were part of the program go to the office you have applied to see if your name is in some kind of list. the papers that i have seen...
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    On immigration DR succeed where other Countries fail. By Dr ambassador to US

    Dominican Republic Succeeds Where Other Countries Have Not in Documenting Migrants and Promoting Human Rights Jos? Tom?s P?rez the Ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the United States While many countries around the world are struggling with a distressingly large number of undocumented...
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    JetBlue Offering $49 Flights In Incredible Two-Day Flash Sale
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    How do you Start Building Credit with DR Banks

    1- Do they have a credit reporting agency in DR? 2- How do you start building Credit with a local Bank? 3- what bank tends to lend money more to Dominicans or residents with Local DR income? Especially to buy or build houses Your knowledge and experiences will be gladly appreciated.
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    Regularization card "Non Resident" foreigners

    Haitian migrant poses with his new credentials and those of his family, which allows them to live and work in the Dominican Republic for two years as ?non-resident?? foreigners, in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Monday, July 6, 2015. A group of 260 people were the first foreigners to...
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    deportations Of NonCitizens Dominican Republic Protested. Boston Globe

    Deportations of noncitizens in Dominican Republic protested by activists in Boston - Metro - The Boston Globe
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    Presidente Beer being Sold in US

    for the first time last week I saw Presidente Beer being sold at a local Distributor In Philadelphia. The 12 onces 24 bottle pack is priced about the same with other imports.
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    Shipping small package From US or DR to Haiti, Or Amazon shipping to Haiti

    thanks to yo guys and gals on DR1, I know how to ship from Amazon To DR via Miami. Now I would like to do the same To Port-au-Prince Haiti. I was wondering if anyone here had experience shipping small packages over there. whether it is from Santo Domingo or Miami. Your inputs will be greatly...
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    Regularization Card.

    Does any body here has one yet? It is said the card expires after one year. what happens after that year? Is the card Renewable? do you become illegal again after it expires. what is the real purpose of that card?
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    USA Shipping. Anyone here has experience with INPOSPAK?

    I just found out about this shipping company, I was wondering if anyone in this forum has experience with them. Rates look good. thanks Bienvenidos a INPOSPAK !
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    came across this bloomberg article this morning

    Dominican Nurse Fired for Haitian Parents Shows Expulsion Threat - Bloomberg Business
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    Haiti: The Reserve Bank dominicaine wants to open a branch in Port-au-Prince (BanRes

    A delegation of the Reserve Bank Republic (Banreservas) led by Vicente Bengoa Albizu, its CEO, met last week at the headquarters of the BRH (Bank of the Republic of Haiti) Haitian monetary authorities to respond to efforts initiated two years ago, to install a dominicaine Bank branch in the...
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    Finally Coming To DR

    The events of January 12th 2010 have opened up my mind To DR, although I’m still confused about what the accomplishment will be, nevertheless this is where I will be meeting some of my brothers and sister since the event. Thank you, DR1. Because of this site for some reason I do not feel I’m...
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    Weekend getaway AI all inclusif recommendation needed near Santo Domingo.

    Weekend getaway AI all inclusif recommendation needed near Santo Domingo. A friend of mine is looking to do a weekend gateway in DR for the first time. She is looking for a beautiful place with a room with a Jacuzzi, food, transportation to and from The Santo Domingo airport. Anything else...
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    How did the D.R leave Haiti so much Behind?

    In your humble opinion, when and how do you think The Dominican Republic has surpassed Haiti? And what can Haiti learn from its primo?
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    Wyclef Jean running for President in Haiti ?

    My cousin from Neuva York called me early this morning, all happy and with his list of solutions for Haiti, to tell me that Wyclef is running for President. If the energy felt from my cousin?s voice is the same in the youths in Haiti, Cleft should be president with no problem. Wyclef Jean...
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    was looking translate info from a DR school webpage, when a poster pointed me out to Google translate. from there I said why not install the Google web browser "Google chrome" hey wow! this thing translates into most languages. for example from Spanish to English or French, Haitian Creole, or...
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    English and computer classes in Higuey

    Is there a school like that in Higuey, that covers Computers and English? oh oh they need Spanish too. thanks
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    program to learn English, internet, anti poverty type bootcamp program

    Are there any organization that focuses on getting people out of poverty, that teaches English, basic computer skills, internet use, basic business concept, learning how to drive and or more stuff. Basic Stuff in a Develop Nation. It could be a Mentor, or an Organization. What about a boot...