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    AMET retained my licence, I drove away

    Yes, according to an AMET lady officer I was talking on my cel phone while driving. I wasn't neither talking on my cel phone nor driving, as I was stopped on a traffic light. I did have the phone in my hand as I usually do (it's my watch, my radio, you know how it is). But that's just a detail...
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    Importing wheels and tires?

    This morning I noticed my car has a flat tire. I could go get one, if only they sold that kind of tire here. Tires are RFT or runflat, and you are not supposed to mix RFT with conventional tires. So that means I have to buy all 4 tires or just 1 RFT. Importing a RFT tire is a pain, I've done it...
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    Residencia Permante renewal: my first step (SD)

    So the day I didn't want to arrive is here: time for me to renew my Permanent Residence. As a 12-year resident, I still think all this new process is just stupid, but WTH... So, I arrived at Migracion at about 8am, they told me I needed two copies each of my passport, cedula and Residencia in...
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    What's up with the guides in Zona Colonial

    I was taking a group of tourist friends around Zona Colonial. The usual "government authorized" guides were tourist hunting at Plaza Espa?a. I don't have a problem with that as long as they respect whatever the tourist decides to do. I told a polite "No, gracias" to each one of them. However...
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    Armed forces patrol the streets of SD

    Since last week, the army took the streets of SD (idk, maybe other cities too). But it is very weird that they're not using army vehicles but brand new MOPC (Obras publicas) vehicles, wth? As much as I like that something is being done about crime, I really hope this is part of a well planned...
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    INPOSDOM (mail): not bad at all!

    Unknown to me, somebody sent me an envelop from the US (Texas) by regular mail. I was surprised when today an INPOSDOM employee came to the office with the envelope containing documents. It was sent on May 08 and was delivered today, which means roughly 2 weeks. That's pretty good in my book...
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    Catarats surgery in Santo Domingo

    My mother had been suffering from cataracts from quite a while. Finally this month she gathered the courage to have the surgery. I must say I'm amazed at the results. The surgery itself took about 15 minutes for each eye (left eye last week, right eye yesterday), and the recovery couldn't be...
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    Viernes chiquito (small friday)

    No work tomorrow so today is a "viernes cimarr?n" in DR. Take your precautions regarding traffic and shopping early. Just an excuse to post a pic of this beautiful dawn today in Santo Domingo. I was taking my morning shower and looked out the window at this beautiful sunrise. As soon as I got...
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    Animal cruelty

    Yesterday at noon. I was at the supermarket minding my own business. When I got out to the parking lot, right next to my car there was this brand-new looking Jeepeta, with all the windows rolled up, under the searing noon sun...and this little dog inside. The poor thing was obviously dying from...
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    Multiple citizenship (3 or more)?

    Anyone here holds citizenship of at least 3 different countries, being DR and US two of them? I think it is not prohibited for these 2 countries...
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    Remember the Marbetes

    Don't forget to get your Marbetes (Car tax) before the usual last-week crowd makes it to your local bank. RD$ 2,200 for cars 2007 and up and RD$ 1,200 for cars older than 2007.
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    It's about time

    Hello everyone. I've been living in the DR for over ten years. Along those years I've had wonderful times and also had it rough sometimes on this blessed island. I believe there.s always something to learn, and hopefully have lots of experiences to share on this forum.