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    Last forum post for me!!!!!!!

    It is with mixed emotions that I post this entry, my last post on this forum. My wife Pat and I look at life as a series of adventures and we embarked on our current adventure, to live in the Dominican Republic, nearly 15 years ago. We came here with the intention of staying here for 10 years or...
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    Easy, fast Covid testing if flying to the US

    If you are flying to the US you need to get a covid test done within 3 days of your flight (not 72 hours but 3 calendar days). IF you have transportation go the the airport early in the morning (opens at 8:30) and get your test done there. It took us about 20 min total and you get your results...
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    Stove Reair

    Does anyone have a quality repair person to work on a restaurant type stove. I need someone to repair the pilot lights on two ovens and maybe replace the thermocouple. Unfortunately Mario is no longer around after all these years. Thanks BobK
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    Camera repair

    Anyone know of someone in the Sosua/Cabarete area that can repair a camcorder? Thanks Bob K
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    Alarm System

    Any one have a referral for someone to service our home alarm system in the Sosua/Cabarete/Puerto Plata area? Thanks Bob K
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    Shipping to the US

    Who should I use to ship a couple of boxes of household goods (used) back to the US from this area. Thanks Bob K
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    Altice stealing my money

    We have solved the problem of Altice stealing my money. Even with not using the phone for a month (out of the country) they still managed to drain my 200 RD that was on the phone. So after arguing with them for the last couple of weeks I have fixed the problem....Changed my phone number and...
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    Car title transfer costs

    Anyone have an idea (a correct one :) ) on the cost of transferring the title (matricuila) on a newly purchased used vehicle. What percent of the purchase price needs to be paid on the transfer tax. Thanks Bob K
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    Colonoscopy in PP

    Anyone with a good recommendation on who to use for a colonoscopy in Puerto Plata. If they spoke some English that would be good as well. I am way overdue Thanks Bob K
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    Bicycle tires

    Does anyone know where to get Bicycle tires replaced in the Sosua area?? thanks Bob K
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    Rex still flying??

    Does anyone know if Rex is still flying? Bob K
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    24/7 power?

    I am on a 24/7 power line and I finally have figured out what Ede Norte means by that. 24/7 electricity actually means that there is the potential for the power to go out 24 times in 7 hours. Wow yesterday was amazing. Bob K
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    Where did he go????

    Does anyone know where the shoe repair guy who used be on the corner across from Bologna's restaurant has gone to??? The lot is fenced off and no one there. If not how about a shoe repair place as I had my soles separate from my sandals. Thanks all Bob K
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    Rain? How much?

    Does anyone know how much rain we actually have had here on the north coast (Sosua/Cabarete) this month, this week, last couple of days??? Just wondering. Remember "be careful on what you wish for" Bob K
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    Passport renewal

    Does anyone know the days and times you can go to PP to get your US passport renewed? Do you need an appointment? Thanks Bob K
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    Driver's license renewal question

    I know I have to go to Banco Reserva to pay for my license renewal before heading off to Puerto Plata. I also learned from last time that my photo copy of my Cedula will not work but they have to do their own for 10 pesos. However does anyone know what the renewal cost is at Banco Reserva...
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    Dog Groomer

    Does anyone have the contact for a good, professionally trained, knowledgeable dog groomer for our small dog. Needs to be in the sosua, cabaret, Puerto plata area. Thanks Bob K
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    Any one know of a good Podiatrist in the Puerto Plata/Sosua/Cabarete area? I managed to screw up toe nail (basically ripped the sucker 90% off including most of the nail bed) thanks Bob K
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    Any one heading to the US this week

    Anyone heading to the sates this week. I have A letter that needs to be mailed. Thanks Bob K
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    Address please

    Does anyone have the office address for Dr. Angela Balbuena (Dermatologist) in Puerto Plata. Thanks Bob K